Ten Things Tuesday

Ten miscellaneous things:

1. When you get pulled over, don’t try to bullshit the cop. You should know what law(s) you’re breaking (more on this tomorrow).

2. My husband makes gorgeous chocolate chip cookies. It’s yet another reason I love him.

3. I don’t like the cold – that’s no news to anyone – but I really hate it when it’s so cold that it actually hurts to be outside.

4. I have far more ambitions than I have time to fulfill.

5. I made a date with my husband! I got a sitter for this Friday night; we’re going out for dinner, then we’re going to see The Book of Eli. I can’t wait.

6. I adore the smell of Olay vanilla body wash. While the scent doesn’t linger on my skin, it does make my bathroom smell lovely in the morning.

7. I’ve discovered that most of the things I like to eat are not particularly good for me.

8. I was horrified by the plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face similarities between the Nazi policy against homosexuals in the mid-30s and a lot of the things I hear coming from the anti-gay movement today. Vigilance is required, People!

9. I finished reading Richard Wright’s Native Son the other day. Yikes, but I’ve chosen a wicked first novel for my English III/IV class! While I appreciate the synergy that the Universe often demonstrates for me, I’m sad that there are relevant examples of racism and oppression in this country today (start listening at about 18:30).

10. My mother’s birthday would have been yesterday. It wasn’t as hard for me as I was afraid it would be…



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6 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. The only time I ever tried to BS a cop was a) when I was in my tweens and b) when I honestly believed the cop was in the wrong.

    Every other time I knew I was in the wrong and busted righteously and cooperated fully. A couple of times doing that either got me out of the ticket or at least saved me money on the fine.

  2. Laurie B

    #10, I hope your day of memory, as the moments occured, was full of aha moments, fond memories and knowing how much she loved you and passed on all of the gifts that you honor within your own realtionships.

    Your Mom died far too young but she taught you a shitload of how you can be you.

    You figured out most of it early in life, you chose a different path. Your strength will always be based in that. Your Mom helped you soften the hard edges and be open to all that could be good.

    Celebrate your Mom’s birthday by making a date with Mr..oh, you’ve done that, love your kids, oh, you do that..

    Your Mom and you, you’ve won. She was a good teacher and I’m glad that your memory of her birth day was not all sad. She’s still with you, in all the good ways. Wishing you and her another good trip around the sun, together in so many ways.

  3. I think the best ticket I ever got was when a cop chewed me out in front of my kids — really made an impression on them.Plus good to know their mom wasn’t infallible as well. They turned into very good drivers! Couple of speeding tickets but that’s about it, and they took traffic school for those and probably learned a lot. ;^)

  4. twoblueday

    Well, your implication is that at least some of the things you like to eat are good for you.

  5. i have missed ten things tuesday — totally getting back on it next week.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with #1. I drive at 72mph on the highway, but have never been stopped for it. The last time I actually was stopped, I was able to tell the officer exactly why it looked like I was tailgating (the guy in front slowed down quickly to hide his speed right as we came into view). I didn’t own my speed at the time, but the fact that I knew exactly why she pulled me over went a long way toward my getting just the warning.

    Related to #6: You said in the Monday post that goodsmelly guys don’t turn you on. That’s a shame. It’s a wonderful thing to be turned on by someone goodsmelly!

    Related to #10: I have triplets in my classes who are marking the first anniversary of their mother’s passing today. It’s been hard on them, but they have lots of support. I hope that you have the same.

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