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Love Notes

Karen, over at Chookooloonks, does what she calls “Love Thursday.” Every week on this day, she posts something that has to do with love and her posts, whether long or short, always inspire me. While I’m not ready to add another theme day to my blog (I’ve already got Monday Memes and Ten Things Tuesday as regular features), I’m going to boost Karen’s idea for today. Every once in a while, I’m struck by how incredibly wonderful some of the people in my life really are, and I’m going to share some of that here with you today.

Let’s start with Elaina, the Front Desk Goddess at CHS. This woman is about sixteen different shades of delightful. You know how I say that one of the reasons I’m so happy in my marriage is that I get to laugh every day? Well, one of the reasons I’m so happy in my job is because I get to laugh with this woman every day.  Elaina and I giggle Every. Single. Day. Sometimes, all it takes is a look – she’ll glance sideways at me or I’ll come into her office and roll my eyes at her, and we’re off. She listens to all my “you-can’t-make-this-shit-up” stories and starts laughing long before I get to the punchline. We share little conspiratorial conversations by the copy machine that end in our chuckling long after I take my copies and leave her office. She’s a lot of fun.

More than that, she knows her shit. She’s got the office running like the proverbial well-oiled machine. She’s got the kids under control (don’t even TRY to sneak into the space before 7:30, and forget sneaking in after 7:45 without signing the tardy log!). She knows where everything is and knows when something is running low. She’s got paperwork, newsletters, email addresses and phone numbers in her complete and unyielding command. She’s ON it.

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Being in this woman’s presence is always a delight. She is a major reason why I love working at CHS, and I’m so glad that she is such a big part of my professional life.


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