Daily Archives: February 5, 2010

Date Night

Sometimes, even shit that doesn’t work out according to plan still works out…

I had scheduled a date night with Mr. Chili for this evening. The plan was that Ms. J the flute teacher was going to come for Punkin’s weekly lesson and then STAY to be the grown-up in the house so that Mr. Chili and I could go out, get dinner, and then catch Denzel Washington’s new film, The Book of Eli. The planets aligned such that Ms. J could stay, so I was all over it.

That was, until my best friend called to ask if we could take the boys tonight so that he and Tonks could go to the Celtics’ game.

It’s not that big a deal; I love the boys (and I love Boywer and Tonks), so saying “yes” despite our plans was kind of a no-brainer for me. That does not mean, however, that I was going to give it up for free; I made a counter-offer and asked if they’d keep the girls tomorrow so we could just shift our date night up 24 hours. It turns out that they can do that, so the girls are going to Chez Bowyer for an overnight tomorrow. Not only do Mr. Chili and I get to go out on a date, but we get to come home to an empty house, to boot!



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