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Quick Hit: Doing the Right Thing

It seems that my state’s House Judiciary Committee today killed two proposed bills that would overturn our gay marriage law.  I cannot tell you how gratified that makes me; as soon as I heard the news, I composed and sent this letter:

Dear Committee Members:

Thank you so much for voting to kill bills that would reverse our same-sex marriage provision.  If the past few years’ votes in other states on such issues have proven anything, it is that it is inappropriate for the majority to vote on the rights of the minority; one of the main purposes of government is to protect the minority from such things and I am heartened – and delighted – to see that our House Judiciary Committee understands this.

Equal rights HAS to mean equal for EVERYONE; thank you so much for reaffirming this truth.

Most sincerely,

Mrs. Chili

‘Bout TIME this happened!


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Ten Things Tuesday

The Passing Love Around to the Guys Edition

Here are ten online men I love, respect and/or admire (and a brief reason why I love, respect and/or admire them).  This list is in no particular order and in no way should be considered exhaustive or exclusive.

1.  MAB over at (get this) Spanky McSchmanky’s Extraterrestrial House of Pancakes (formerly known as the Cub Scout Den of Iniquity). While I am often astounded at his capacity to withstand some of the dumbest people I’ve ever encountered in print, I admire his ability to be rational, calm, and logical in the face of it.  He deconstructs some of the most jaw-droppingly idiotic Letters to the Editor I’ve ever seen; that he has the stones to read all the way to the end of these rants and ravings and still has the wherewithal to take them apart piece by piece for my edification and enjoyment only makes me love him more.

2.  Success Warrior. I love this guy.  He’s a little freaky about the exercise (I’m pretty sure I’d be dead by now if I lived with him) and our political thinking is often a little off-frequency, but I always love reading what he has to say.  He’s had a lot of experiences that I will never have, and that makes him an especially valuable friend to me; he challenges me to think outside of my little box, and I love him for that.  Plus, he writes sonnets about his blog for homework assignments and posts lovely bits of man flesh on Sundays; how much more could a girl ask?

3.  Field Negro.  Though I often feel lost in the Field’s comment section (that man commands an audience, you guys!), I read every word the man posts.  He’s got a keen sense of the controversial, he calls bullshit when he sees it, and he’s not afraid to take an uncompromising stand against dumbassery.  He’s one of my go-to guys when I need some perspective on where to steer my (white, affluent) students in questions of race and history in the literature I teach.

4. Carson.  I have been waiting, for about two years now, to meet this man in person; I have no doubt whatsoever that I’m going to love him as much standing in front of me as I do through my computer screen.  I can’t really say what it is about Carson that clicks with me, but I know that I’ve felt it for as long as I’ve been reading him.  We’re getting a little closer all the time – we’ve started talking on the phone, and he keeps promising to come from Texas to New England (it hasn’t happened yet, but he keeps promising!).  Until then, we read together, we email back and forth, and we’re working on putting together a teleconference so I can invite him to one of my English classes (and I’d love nothing more than to come to one of his history classes!).  In short, I’ve got a wicked internet crush on this man.

5.  Falcon.  A lot of people wonder just how it is that I can be friends with this guy; after all, he’s a self-admitted sexist pig who listens to Glenn Beck.  The truth of the matter is that while he and I very rarely see eye-to-eye about politics, we do understand and respect each other’s right to hold opinions that make us wonder what the hell the other is thinking.  The truth of the matter is that despite our disagreements, when it comes right down to it, he would put it down to defend my right to believe and to speak that belief (as I would his), and the fact that we DON’T think as the other does is immaterial to the fact that we are friends.  We have learned the precious art of agreeing to disagree, and despite some of the things he says (or writes) that make me roll my eyes and wonder just what the hell he’s thinking, the truth of the matter is that I love him.

6.  The Colonel, also known as The Mad Bookseller.  Here’s a guy who goes for the “less is more” approach.  His posts are very often short, but just as often pointy.  LOVE that about him.

7.  TV over at My Own Personal Piece of Doom Cake.  Here’s a guy who’s seen the face of evil; in fact, it looks back at him every morning in the mirror.  He writes about his undying wish for a death ray app for his iPhone, about the absolute goat-fuckery going on in the Texas State School Board, and about how he’s pretty sure there’s a gene for evil (and he’s passed it on to his younger daughter, Dirt Urchin 2.0).  He is a lover of all things bacon and a hater of dumbass drivers; in short, he’s a man after my own heart.  My favorite feature on his blog is his “Notes to Myself.”  This one, I think, is a classic:

Image credit

8.  Gerry over at TwoBlueDay.  Gerry’s been a little less prolific in his posting lately, but that doesn’t diminish my love for him in the least.  He is a man who thinks – a lot – and often has insights into issues and topics that intrigue me; like Success Warrior, Gerry inspires me to think about things in ways that I wouldn’t do on my own.  I know Gerry in real life, and I know him to be a man with an exceedingly large and generous heart, and I’m honored that he’s taken me in not only as a friend, but as a member of his family.  Oh, and he takes gorgeous pictures, too.

9.  Improbable Joe over at The Real Me.  Here’s another one that some of my friends scratch their heads in wonder over.  Joe is among those who tell it like they sees it and damn the torpedoes, and that rubs a few of my other blog buddies the wrong way sometimes.  I like it, though; while I don’t always agree with the way Joe sees things (he’s more than once accused me of being too soft and forgiving), I actually kind of like that he shocks me out of my complacency every once in a while.  He’s still reading me, and I’m still reading him, so we can’t have pushed each other too far past our edges… yet.  : )

10.  Ed over at Gin and Tacos.  I have to admit that, sometimes, I don’t feel very smart when I read Ed’s posts.  He notices things that I miss (that, after he points them out, seem so painfully obvious that I’m ashamed I didn’t see them myself), and makes conclusions and draws connections that make very clear this guy is a thinker of a pretty high order.  Sometimes, he loses me altogether, but I keep coming back to his blog in the hopes that some of that smart will rub off on me.  Oh, and he’s also a good one for calling “bullshit!” when he sees it, often doing so in acerbic (and damned funny) ways.

Go blog-hopping, Everyone, and tell the boys I sent you!

Happy Tuesday!


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