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Ten Things Tuesday

I posted boy-blog love last week, but the girl-blog love is going to have to wait a bit; I got this from NurseExec, and I promised I’d do it this week. Get yer happy on, Everyone!

1. Link the blogger who gave you the award on your post – done!
2. Write 10 things that make you happy – done!
3. Share it with at least 10 friends – feel free to boost at will!
Happiness is…..  heated seats.

Happiness is…..  a phone call, “just because.”

Happiness is….. a really awesome parking spot when it’s raining outside (or
when it’s stupid-cold)

Happiness is….. warm chocolate chip cookies.

Happiness is….. having a student come back to say “you know what, Mrs. Chili?  I kinda hated you when you were my teacher, but now I think you were one of the best ones I ever had…

Happiness is….. a purring cat at the end of the bed.

Happiness is….. an instant message in the middle of the day saying “I’m thinking happy thoughts of you.”

Happiness is….. silly little things that make my life easier; binder clips and Post-it notes, online grade calculators, and the ability to print wirelessly from my computer to the school’s photocopier.

Happiness is….. having the right answer (or a snappy comeback) exactly when I need it (not ten minutes later…)

Happiness is….. a really, really good book.


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