Cheesecake Factory for Lunch…

… Because we don’t have any where we live. Yum!



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6 responses to “Cheesecake Factory for Lunch…

  1. I’ve never been to one.

  2. Laurie B

    Me neither but the menu has some nice options. We’ve got some faves here in the valley though so don’t feel left out not having a Factory nearby.

    Glad you are enjoying your mini away time, hope the snow isn’t too bad out your way.

  3. Their red velvet cheesecake is AMAZING! Several other menu items are also pretty terrific.

    I think I just love food.

    • Yeah, Morgan; at one point, Mr. Chili and I looked at each other and said “yep; our diets start tomorrow.”

      I had the farfalle with chicken and roasted garlic cream sauce. Oh, Holy Mother! (I’m going to experiment to see if I can recreate that at home…) I got the lunch portion, and still brought home enough for supper tomorrow. The waitress told us that a dinner portion serves a family of four – I wouldn’t doubt it if it did. We ended up with three slices of cheesecake to share among the four of us – cookie dough, Ghirardelli, and something called anniversary cheesecake. We brought most of THOSE home, too; dinner tomorrow is going to be yummy…

  4. twoblueday

    My brother and I ate at Cheesecake last week as I was bringing him home from the airport. Tasty.

    We are blessed with at least two of these joints hereabouts.

  5. We’ve never been. We almost went once but there was an hour wait so we went somewhere else and have never tried going back.

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