It’s cold, gray, and rainy here today, and I’m completely uninspired to anything.  Blah.

On my list of things to do are laundry (I’m working it – I’ve run two loads already and two more are in the machines), grocery shopping (I’m composing a list as I make my way through my morning), lesson planning (which I’m doing in bits and pieces), and making some phone calls.

So far, I’ve determined that I am NOT on the rotating Saturday schedule for yoga class at Local U. (which is a relief; I was reasonably sure that I was, but that I’d not put my days on my calendar.  It occurred to me last night that I may have completely blown off a class, and that’s not something I wanted to do) and I’ve been in touch with my chiropractor and have secured an appointment at three this afternoon.  On my way in I’ll stop at CHS and print out some PDFs of articles I downloaded off of the LU library site, and on my way out I’ll drop by the market and pick up supplies.  My plan is to make a loaf of strawberry bread (it’s a new recipe I’m trying out; if I love it, I’ll post it in the kitchen), but I have NO idea what to put together for dinner tonight, so any suggestions anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

Boy; for not being motivated, I’m actually getting a lot of shit done, huh?



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8 responses to “Uninspired

  1. Laurie B

    We had chicken quesadillas last night. They’re fast, easy and we could each put whatever veggies we wanted on them.

    I cut up a chicken breast, dredge with cornstarch and some seasonings and quick cook them in a little bit of olive oil. Chicken gets crunchy but not greasy as when you use flour.

    I still use your chicken picatta for a fast nice supper though.

  2. Dudley

    Order pizza. Get enough to have leftovers tomorrow 🙂

  3. Today, I’m doing the two things that can’t be avoided: laundry and taxes.

  4. Organic Mama

    It’s barbeque for us tonight, in the drenching downpour of the northeast. Hmm, totally cooking that INSIDE tonight.

    And yeah, good on you: you’re totally getting a lot done today, eh?


    ::flexes Canadianness::

  5. Oh, yum, I love strawberry bread!

  6. I think we’re going the lazy route for supper tonight: baked potatoes, topped with whatever you can find in the fridge.

  7. You certainly got done more than I did today, although that 2-hour nap after lunch didn’t help my schedule much…

  8. twoblueday

    As usual, reading your list of tasks underway makes me tired.

    And I just got up!

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