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So, I’m learning what one does when one’s freezer has been offline for three days…

So far, I’ve got two dozen rhubarb pecan muffins (and I’m still throwing out several pounds of nearly-thawed rhubarb that, if I try to refreeze it, will be freezer burned beyond recognition) and am in the process of two dozen blueberry muffins.  We’re having half-thawed tortellini for dinner (which should be none the worse for wear).

Ooof.  My colleagues (and my students) are going to LOVE me tomorrow; there’s no way I’m keeping all of these goodies in my house….


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Quick Hit: Three Days

The power came back on at a little after 11:25 this morning. It’s
going to take a while to set everything back to rights (and warm the
place up) and we’ve still got to eat out because we lost everything in
the fridge, but the power is back on!

I’d have made a lousy pioneer woman…


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