Quick Hit: Channel Surfing

I took a brief break from housekeeping (oy, but did my house need a good once-over.  Because of the power outage last weekend, our weekly Saturday scrub didn’t happen) to have some lunch (a grilled fresh mozzarella sandwich with sauteed onions from the other night.  Yum!).

While I was happily munching my sandwich, I surfed away from the college basketball game Mr. Chili had going while HE was on a break from purging the basement of all the water-damaged stuff (the dumpster arrived yesterday).  I ended up landing on Dances With Wolves.

Goddess, but I love this movie.

I watched through two commercial cycles, but that’s all I gave myself (I’ve still got a lot of work to do).  Maybe next weekend, I’ll pop the Director’s Edition DVD in and we can watch the whole thing.



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5 responses to “Quick Hit: Channel Surfing

  1. Rowan

    Dances With Wolves. Sigh. Good reward for getting work done.

  2. One of my favorite movies.

    Tell Mr. Chili I’m sorry they lost.

  3. I love that movie. It never fails to make me cry, no matter how many times I see it. It’s one of a handful of movies that if I come across them, I have to stop and watch.

  4. And I’ve never gotten the word “tatonka” out of my head!
    Of course, I know of no standard spelling for it.

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