Ten Things Tuesday

The other half of last week’s post; here are ten things that I almost always buy generic or store brands for:

1. Medication. Whether it’s prescription or over-the-counter, pretty much any medication that’s available as a generic is the one I want.

2. Peanut butter. I’ve discovered that the store-brand peanut butter contains the same ingredients and tastes just as good as the more expensive, brand-name peanut butter. Plus, the way we go through the stuff, being able to spend almost two dollars less for the giant tub is so worth it.

3. Fabric softener. I don’t use liquid softener very often, but when I do, the store brand is just fine. So, too, are the drier sheets (which I find myself using more often, just to keep myself from getting electrocuted trying to take clothes out of the drier in the fall and winter).

4. Dairy products. From milk and yogurt to butter and ice cream, the store brand dairy products are just as yummy for much less money. In fact, just a few weeks ago, we ended up with the end of a name-brand carton of ice cream and the beginning of a store brand, so we did a taste-test and couldn’t discern which was which, further reinforcing the idea that, in this case, cheaper is just as good. (and even though it’s not a dairy product, I like the store brand mayonnaise just fine, too).

5. Contact solution. I mean, really? Store brand salt water is just fine. I’ve discovered that the store brand cleaner is acceptable, too, though I like the delivery nozzle a bit less than the one from the name brand; not enough to make me buy the expensive stuff, mind you…..

6. Cereal. Though Mr. Chili has expressed a preference for Cheerios and I would rather Special K with the dried strawberries, everything else, from knock-off Life to knock off Lucky Charms (which we only buy on vacation) is just dandy.

7. Popcorn. I’m so sorry, but I can’t tell the difference between the wicked expensive Orville Reddenbacher and the practically free store brand.

8. Paper products. There are some store varieties that I don’t really like, but for the most part, the no-name toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues are perfectly acceptable. I also have no problem with the Staples printer paper.

9. Gasoline. I used to go to M*bil all the time, but only because a) that particular station was convenient for me and b) they used to have the cheapest gas. Not so anymore (in fact, the station I used to go to closed about three years ago). I’m most likely to go to one of the stations in University Town because they’re right across the street from each other and often have price wars, but the truth of the matter is that I often sign on to gasbuddy.com to find out which station in my general neighborhood has the cheapest gas on the days I need to fill up.

10. Pasta. I will buy the store brand of both dried and fresh pasta (and frozen tortellini or ravioli). We did a test once, to see if we could discern the difference between the store’s fresh tortellini and Bertolli’s, and the answer was we couldn’t. At a difference of nearly $2 a package, buying the store brand just makes more sense.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



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5 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Not a bad post. Although I have high taste in ice cream and really am not supposed to eat it anyway, so overall the cost comes to about the same. I didn’t realize there was generic Gasoline, that’s a new one to me and will have to look into it. Paper products I must disagree. When the sinus infection hits, blowing my nose into cardboard store brand tissues hurts. The same with TP. My butt needs soft comfort because i am a fragile creature.

  2. I’m with Bob on the paper products. I am particular about the tp, Kleenex, and paper towels that I buy. Also, I usually buy Act II popcorn but I’m with you on everything else.

  3. So you’re telling me you big, tough guys have sensitive butts? I never would have guessed….

  4. I’m also with Bob and Success Warrior. Buying store brand paper towels leads to such frustration and waste that I started buying Bounty even before I could really afford to and haven’t looked back.

    I have also often wondered who the people are who choose which brand of gasoline to buy – unless you have a specific gas card, I really don’t see the point. Gas is gas.

  5. I am a Jif loyalist. To the point that I would almost rather not eat peanut butter at all then to have a non-Jif sandwich. Sad, really.

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