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Quick Hit: Half Staff

Please pass the word around – “half staff” does NOT mean “half-pole.”  When flying the flag at half staff, one raises the flag to the top, then lowers it one flag’s width back down.  When bringing the flag back in, one first raises it again to the top, then lowers the flag to the bottom of the pole.  It should look something like this:

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I’m seeing this incorrectly done all over the place, and it’s kind of making me crazy.


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Pausing to Remember

As we celebrate this holiday with parades and cookouts, let’s try to remember, even for a few moments, what this day is really about.

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Birthday Love

We celebrate another year with Mr. Chili on the planet today.  Our plans included brunch with his parents, napping and general sloth and idleness (thanks, Gerry!), and setting up Mr. Chili’s brand new iPad.

I’ve regaled you all numerous times as to why I’m crazy about this guy, so I won’t belabor the point.  Let’s just say that another year with my husband in it is MY perfect present.


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The Toast

I’m fulfilling my responsibilities as Bowyer’s best man this afternoon.  I haven’t yet written here about how honored I am to have been asked, or how blessed I am to be able to call this man my friend, but that will have to wait because I have a toast to compose.  It’s been rolling around in my head ever since he asked me to stand up for him, and here’s what I’ve got.  Remember that it’s a medieval/Lord of the Rings wedding, hence the funky voice:

Long have I walked with this man in the bonds of deep and abiding friendship.  Long have our houses been joined as families, and ever have our children laughed and learned together.  With our sympathy of spirit, we have encouraged one another’s ambitions, celebrated one another’s successes, and blunted one another’s pain and disappointments.  I know this man and love him as my brother, so I have long known that, for all his success and confidence, something vital has been missing from his life.

That something is missing no more.  Today, he takes to wife a woman of such strength and character as can truly be said to be his equal; a woman who changed his life on the day he met her, and who has continued, every day since, to be a light and energy that inspires him to his best self.  I know this woman to be a glorious force to be reckoned with; a bringer of love and laughter and thought that fills the spaces in my brother’s heart.

Bowyer, my brother, I stand for you today in love and celebration.  I see the man you have become in the love of this woman, and I know that everything I have always wanted for you is coming to pass.

Tonks, I tell you that I know your husband to be a good and honorable man who loves you with a devotion that will never waver.  Your presence makes this family whole and strong; may we be as much for you as you are for us, my sister.

Please join me in celebrating these two people, and join me and my house in pledging to nurture, support, and uphold the union they have declared today.


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Whole Lotta Nuthin’…

Sorry, you guys.  I’ve been out straight all day, and tomorrow’s going to be busy, too, because Bowyer and Tonks are hitching up at noon!  I’ll try to upload a picture here, but the wedding’s being held just west of East Nowhere, so I’m not sure there’ll be sufficient signal to get a post out.  Regardless, watch this space; I’m sure I’ll have something for you, but it may not be until later.

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Quick Hit: Busy

There is a pervading sense of nuttiness to my life right now; a bunch of little things are happening in quick succession – nothing major, mind you, but enough to keep me from having the kind of time required to compose some of the things rolling around in my head into a coherent piece.  Sorry.  Here, have a cookie:

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Doesn’t that look YUMMY!?


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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I still believe, despite the seemingly overwhelming abundance of evidence to the contrary I’ve been seeing lately, that people are essentially good and kind.


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