Daily Archives: May 16, 2010


The Chili family went to our local Regal Cinema to see Robin Hood this afternoon.  The movie was pretty good; that’s not what this post is about.

A group of about 10 middle-school aged boys came in just after we did and settled themselves in the upper seating area (we were in the first row in front of the central aisle).  ALL through the show, boys were running (and I mean literally running) from their place in the theatre, across the aisle, and out the door, then reversing the process two or three minutes later.  After the sixth or so time, I’d had enough and went to the management to complain.

An usher was sent in with his little red flashlight but, of course, he saw nothing.  About three minutes after he left, the relay races started again.

I understand that the movie theatre can’t control all the behavior of its guests – I lay my rotten experience firmly at the feet of the grown-ups who were supposed to be responsible for the children in their charge – but I really do think that they should have done more.  Putting someone at the door or in a seat for five minutes would have solved the problem, and would have left me (and, I’m betting, a bunch of other theatre-goers) much happier than I currently am.

At this point, I’m going to be very reluctant to go back to the movies.  I’d rather wait for a film to come out on DVD than to have an experience like the one I had this afternoon.


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