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Monday Meme

Stolen, as was my usual custom, from Tense Teacher.  This would have been better last week (being that last Sunday was Mother’s Day and all) but whatever…

1. How long have you been a Mom?
June 1st will be THIRTEEN years!  Holy crap!

2. How many children call you Mommy/Mom/Mama?

3. Girl? Boy? Both?
Two gorgeous girls.

4. Did you know what you were having?
I was having babies, and no; we didn’t find out ahead of time whether those babies would be male or female.  I had no clear impression with Punkin’, but I knew, practically from the moment the sperm hit the egg, that Bean was a girl.

5. How old were you when you became a Mom?
I was 28 when Punkin’ was born; 30 when Bean came.

6. How long were you in labor?
I’m not sure I’ve ever told those stories here.  I had pregnancy-induced hypertension with both babies, so I was induced because of the blood pressure/seizure/stroke thing – the doctor on duty wanted that first baby out of me as fast as possible.  I was in labor for probably about six hours with Punkin’ – the Pitocin lit my fuse, and I went from 2 centimeters to fully dilated in about three hours.  It took me a little less time with Bean.

7. What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?
My relationship with my girls.  I love that I have with them what I never had with my biologic.

8. What’s your least favorite thing?
Teenage hormone-induced schizophrenia.

9. Do you want more kids?
GOD, no!  Two’s exactly what we wanted, and that’s where we’re staying.

10. Do you plan on having more soon?
We’re planning NOT to have more, soon or otherwise.

11. Does daddy change diapers?
He did.

12. How many times have you been peed on?
Surprisingly, not often.

13. Barfed on?
I was spit up on quite a bit, but thankfully, no one’s ever barfed on me (you know I can’t stand vomit, right?).

14. Is your child named after anyone?
Punkin’s middle name is my great grandmother’s; Beanie’s names are all original to her.

15. How did you come up with their name(s)?
I wanted to name my daughter Punkin’ for a very, very long time.  Beanie named herself (no, really; Mr. Chili and I were trying to decide on “Beanie Goonie” or “Goonie Beanie” – she came to me in a dream and settled the matter).

16. When your child gets in trouble, who is the bad guy?
Mr. Chili and I share that obligation equally.

17. And who is the good guy?
Whoever is not doing the yelling at the time (that was Tense’s answer, but it’s mine, too).

18. What is the longest you have been away from your children?
About a week; once when I went away to a seminar at Gallaudet in DC and once when I was doing the Holocaust fellowship.

19. Bedtime routine?
They get sent up to attend to their teeth and to set out tomorrow’s clothes (neither of which they often DO).  They get some quiet, in-bed time with books then, at lights-out, they turn on a Mozart CD (they’ve been listening to it since they were infants).  Mr. Chili and I smooch them (and I say “good sleep and happy dreams”) before we go to bed.

20. Last movie you saw in the theater?
Robin Hood.  I give it a B-.

21. Last time you had a date?
Just Mr. Chili and me?  I don’t really remember.

22. One thing you will not give up just because you’re a mom?
ME time.  If I can’t do the things that make me me, I can’t be a good mother.

24. One thing you did give up now that you’re a mom?
Privacy (also Tense’s answer).

23. Best mom perk?
Oh, man!  I have to pick ONE?  Watching – and helping – these girls grow up.

24. Snack you sneak bites from your child?
We share a lot.  They’ve gotten to the point where they offer bites of their candy bars or ice cream cones (because I always offer bites of mine).

25. When the kid is napping, you are…?
Napping?!  They’re 11 and nearly-13; there is no more napping!

26. Where is your child now?
In bed; it’s still pretty damned early.

27. Favorite place to buy maternity clothes?
Honestly?  There weren’t many maternity shops where I live when I was pregnant.  I got a couple of pairs of pregnant-jeans from the Goodwill and wore big shirts and sweaters (we planned our pregnancies so I’d be big in the wintertime, so it all worked out).

28. If I could do it over, I’d do this differently:
Not a damned thing.


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