Birthday Love

We celebrate another year with Mr. Chili on the planet today.  Our plans included brunch with his parents, napping and general sloth and idleness (thanks, Gerry!), and setting up Mr. Chili’s brand new iPad.

I’ve regaled you all numerous times as to why I’m crazy about this guy, so I won’t belabor the point.  Let’s just say that another year with my husband in it is MY perfect present.



Filed under admiration, celebration, family matters, My husband rocks!

6 responses to “Birthday Love

  1. Happy Birthday, Sir! Glad that you’re sticking around.

  2. Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your iPad.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Chili mister! Many happies…

  4. I called the house and his cell to give him some birthday love. I guess he was busy playing with his Ipad because he didn’t answer. I’ll try again today.

  5. Missed it! Please give him my birthday greeting.

    He got an iPad?!

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