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Quick Hit: Ahhhh!

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The First Day of Forever

This morning, love expands my family.  My sister is marrying her best friend; the woman who makes her laugh, makes her think, makes her crazy, and makes her whole.

I cannot adequately express how full of joy I am today.  I have always wished for my sister the kind of stable, strong, and nurturing love that she deserves, and she has found that in The Girl.  They make an amazing pair, and I feel like the Universe is breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve found each other.

The other day, Mr. Chili said “I hope that Auntie and The Girl are as happy as we are.”  I nearly burst into tears.  I wish exactly that for my sister and her bride; a lifetime of small joys, warm contentment, supportive challenges, and everyday wonder that make up a lifetime of happiness.

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I love you both so much.


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Blog Break

I took a blog break today.  I was too busy to even sit down to write.  There’ll be more tomorrow…

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Thoughts for Thursday

I’m busy, busy today, so you get a quick hit of randomness.

• Seriously?  I’m betting I could put cream cheese frosting on just about anything and be happy for the rest of my life.  All of the carrot cake muffins are baked, as are the lemon poppy seed muffins.  The cream cheese frosting is made, but not applied; I’ll have the girls do that tomorrow night.  Auntie’s chocolate cake will be baked tomorrow, as will the blueberries-and-cream cakes.  Mmmmm…

• In a little bit, the girls and I will pile into the Puck and go forth to collect Bruder from the airport.  I’m terribly excited to see him; I love my brother-in-law and always enjoy spending time with him.

•  I’ve been working on eating better.  The results of my check-up blood tests showed that I’m on the underside of borderline for my cholesterol numbers, and given my abysmal family history, my doctor wants us to get that number even lower.  I’m eating less more often (does that make sense?) in an effort to reawaken my metabolism.  Is it possible I’ve lost two pounds in two days?  The scale at the club yesterday said I was two pounds lighter than the scale at the doctor’s office said on Monday (and I have faith in the accuracy of the club scale)…

•  The chair of the English Department at Local U. sent me a letter asking me to write a commentary on one of my former professors who’s being considered for full professorship.  This is the second time I’ve received such a letter, and the second time I’ve received a letter for a professor I didn’t really care for much at all.  I’ll have to write something, though; I can’t get away with pretending I didn’t get the request.  Last time, I wrote a lukewarm, “there’s nothing wrong with the guy, but I didn’t count him among the better of my educational experiences” letter; I’ll compose its twin for this one.

• I’ve updated my “Reads ’10” page, in case you’re interested.  I’ve also updated my sidebar reading list.  What are YOU reading?

Okay – that’s all I’ve got for you.  Have a great Thursday!


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Quick Hit: Calling Out the Crazies

Ugh.   I’m all about humane treatment of animals (hell, I’m all about humane treatment of people, too, but we can’t seem to manage that, either), but the people at PETA regularly take their message far too far, discrediting the good work they could be doing to defend animals.


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Drop-Dead Gorgeous

I love my friend’s pathologies.

O’Mama, it seems, has developed a taste for online jewelry shopping.  In the past few months, she’s managed to score some incredibly beautiful pieces for, if she is to be believed, about the cost of a good cup of coffee.  Seriously.  She’s currently wearing a stunningly beautiful cocktail ring that looks as if it was made for her; it’s got a sort of low-profile, art-deco feel to it that resonates exactly with her energy, and I think she paid about 20 bucks for it, with shipping.

A few weeks ago, she gifted me with a beautiful three-stone garnet ring and an apology.  She was sorry, she said, but she’d been looking for something similar to her grandmother’s ring (which I covet, and have for almost as long as I’ve known my friend), but this three-stone piece was the best she could do (I’d give you a picture of it, but it’s currently at the jeweler’s being sized).  Seriously – she apologized for giving me a lovely, extravagant, and singularly thoughtful piece of prettiness.

Pathological, I tell you.

Well, today, O’Mama and I met for a much-anticipated (and incredibly yummy) lunch, and she produced from her purse a little box.  She showed me the gorgeous rings she bought for her daughters which, like the cocktail ring she bought for herself (O’Mama, post a picture of that, would you?), fit their personalities exactly.  Then, she pulled out this stunning thing:

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?  It’s EXACTLY what I had been fantasizing about; a center garnet surrounded by pretty sparklies (in this case, white topaz).  She gave it to me on the spot, which is another thing I love about her; she can’t keep presents to herself, which means I didn’t have to wait until December to wear this, and to feel pretty doing it.

ThankyouthankyouTHANKyou, my friend.  I’m over the moon tickled with this bauble.


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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Awesome Things

1. Making my sister’s wedding cakes. I love that this is something she wanted me to do, and I’m excited to be able to do it. Good thing I’ve got a couple of really amazing recipes (here, here, and here).

2. Compassion. I’m seeing a therapist to get through some stuff that is cluttering up my energy, and she is making me feel gently well-cared for.

3. Green tea and Juicy Juice orange tangerine juice. I fill a Nalgene bottle almost full of green tea, then splash in a little juice and that’s what I drink all day long.

4. Pretty toes. Though I’m pissed that I broke a couple of fingernails and had to chop them all down to nearly nothing, I’m consoling myself that my piggies are pretty.

5. Vacations. I’m very much looking forward to our time at the lake this year. Last summer was a bit of a challenge for me, and even though we did our annual trek to the lake then, too, it wasn’t nearly as “ah” inspiring as I needed it to be. Going there this year completely unencumbered by the cares that dogged me last year is very, very pleasing to me.

6. Fudgecicles. Really; do I need to editorialize on this one? I’ve made a commitment to get healthier by reining in my weight, and these yummy little bits of chocolate-y goodness feel like cheating, but really aren’t.

7. My coworkers. I have found myself at a bit of loose ends during this summer; while I’m grateful for the time to do things for me and my family, I really miss my job (and I mean really – I wonder if I’m not a little insane). I’ve got a couple of coworkers with whom I’m keeping in sporadic touch, though, and they’re helping to keep me from spending all my time planning.

8. Good books. Again, do I really need to explain this one? I’ve got a lovely stack I’m bringing to the lake (Pilars of the Earth, The Boy in Striped Pajamas and The Hunger Games, in case you were wondering), and I’m just about finished with Walking to Gatlinberg. Reading really does set one free.

9. Checking things off my list. Yes, I’m one of those people; I can’t leave for a vacation without having a clean house and a completely crossed-off list. I’ve made my list a bit more than just simple housekeeping this time around, though, and I’m delighted to report that I’m making good progress. Today, for example, I bought some frames for art that was gifted to me years – yes, years – ago. I’m eager to get those pretty things on my walls.

10. Presents. I’ve had the opportunity to buy (and make) some really lovely things for some people I love, and I’m looking forward to giving them. I feel like my good energy goes with them, and I like the way that feels.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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