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Quick Hit: How’s the Reading Going?

If you’re participating in the Success Warrior-Mrs. Chili reading group, mosey on over to The Reading Room and check in, please; I’d like to get a feel for when we can put our first forum together.

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My writing workshop ended today. I’m sorry it’s over; I could easily have gone another week.

I had a fantastic time, but when Punkin’ asked me this afternoon if I had “fun,” I had to answer “no.” That doesn’t mean that I didn’t love every single second of it – I did, and I feel like I am a much better teacher and writer and thinker and observer for having done this – but I can’t really say that it was “fun.”  I worked hard, I stressed and fussed and revised and wrote and rewrote and deleted and wondered if it was good enough to share and can I really write about that and… well, you get the idea.  For all of that, though?  I’m absolutely, no questions asked, going to do it again next year.

I came away with a TON of great stuff, and very little of that is tangible.  I met people and made connections.  I was inspired.  I watched and looked and listened.  I welled up a couple of times.  I was awed by the work other people did and was surprised by the work that I discovered *I* could do, and I’m energized to keep at it.

I’m going to try to put together a creative review (hell, I might even try another poem!) at A Teacher’s Education.  I’ve also opened a blog for our writing community, though no one’s posted there yet; when there’s content, I’ll direct you to it.

Expect a few more words around here for the next little bit; this conference gave me some momentum that I intend to ride as long as possible and, as always, I plan on taking you all along.


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