My writing workshop ended today. I’m sorry it’s over; I could easily have gone another week.

I had a fantastic time, but when Punkin’ asked me this afternoon if I had “fun,” I had to answer “no.” That doesn’t mean that I didn’t love every single second of it – I did, and I feel like I am a much better teacher and writer and thinker and observer for having done this – but I can’t really say that it was “fun.”  I worked hard, I stressed and fussed and revised and wrote and rewrote and deleted and wondered if it was good enough to share and can I really write about that and… well, you get the idea.  For all of that, though?  I’m absolutely, no questions asked, going to do it again next year.

I came away with a TON of great stuff, and very little of that is tangible.  I met people and made connections.  I was inspired.  I watched and looked and listened.  I welled up a couple of times.  I was awed by the work other people did and was surprised by the work that I discovered *I* could do, and I’m energized to keep at it.

I’m going to try to put together a creative review (hell, I might even try another poem!) at A Teacher’s Education.  I’ve also opened a blog for our writing community, though no one’s posted there yet; when there’s content, I’ll direct you to it.

Expect a few more words around here for the next little bit; this conference gave me some momentum that I intend to ride as long as possible and, as always, I plan on taking you all along.



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6 responses to “Reflection

  1. Where’s the writing blog?

    • Pay attention, Dude! I’ll send you to the writing blog when there’s actually something on it.

      All of the writing I did for the workshop (well, MOST of it, anyway) is at the teacher blog, though, if you’re interested. I’d love to get some feedback on it…

  2. I thought I was paying attention, but I must have misunderstood what was being said. I interperted “I’ve also opened a blog for our writing community, though no one’s posted there yet” to mean that the site is there, ready for people to use, but that no one had actually used it yet. My bad.

    • No, you’re not wrong – the site IS there, but there’s nothing on it yet. Once there’s content (and once I make sure that everyone understands to use the pseudonyms), I’ll put up a link.

      Any chance you’re coming south for the 4th? We’ll be at our usual spot behind the end zone…

      • Unfortunately, no. I’m working this weekend, and Cookiemaker is taking Little Man “up north” to see his Grandpa.

        Which means I get the house to myself for a night! WOO-HOO!!! Let there be porn and violent video games for all my men! 🙂

        Excuse me, I don’t know what came over me there. Ahem…

        Anyway, I don’t know that fireworks would be a good idea for Little Man right now, anyway, given what’s happened with him at the Dinosaur Show and then “Toy Story 3.” He had a rough couple of days at daycare this past week, too. Wednesday he spent most of the day crying and asking for Mommy and the next day he did the same thing, only he was asking for me. He did have a great day at daycare yesterday, though.

        I’m getting a little worried about him, quite frankly.

  3. I participated in a writing group here on the Cape for several summers, but it faded away, so haven’t done it for a spell.

    I enjoyed it, and felt it helped me with my writing, if in no other way than to pay more attention to the structure and grammar thereof.

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