Daily Archives: July 16, 2010

Heading South

In about an hour, Mr. Chili will duck out of work and head home then, when he gets here, the four of us will trundle into the Puck and head to Chez TwoBlueDay for the weekend.

I can’t tell you how desperately I am looking forward to this trip.

Because some dumbass coworker of Mr. Chili’s scheduled a critical design review on the Wednesday smack in the middle of our February break this year, the Chilis were unable to make our annual hajj to the TwoBlueDays at their winter residence in Florida.  While I was disappointed because I always feel the need to flee my frozen tundra of a homeland in February, I was exponentially more upset that I didn’t get to spend that time with these people who have become my family in every sense that maters.

Absence making the heart grow fonder and all that, I’m finding that my anticipation for being in the company of these people (who chose me, too) is unusually high, and I’m itchy to get in the car…


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