Thoughts for Thursday

I’m busy, busy today, so you get a quick hit of randomness.

• Seriously?  I’m betting I could put cream cheese frosting on just about anything and be happy for the rest of my life.  All of the carrot cake muffins are baked, as are the lemon poppy seed muffins.  The cream cheese frosting is made, but not applied; I’ll have the girls do that tomorrow night.  Auntie’s chocolate cake will be baked tomorrow, as will the blueberries-and-cream cakes.  Mmmmm…

• In a little bit, the girls and I will pile into the Puck and go forth to collect Bruder from the airport.  I’m terribly excited to see him; I love my brother-in-law and always enjoy spending time with him.

•  I’ve been working on eating better.  The results of my check-up blood tests showed that I’m on the underside of borderline for my cholesterol numbers, and given my abysmal family history, my doctor wants us to get that number even lower.  I’m eating less more often (does that make sense?) in an effort to reawaken my metabolism.  Is it possible I’ve lost two pounds in two days?  The scale at the club yesterday said I was two pounds lighter than the scale at the doctor’s office said on Monday (and I have faith in the accuracy of the club scale)…

•  The chair of the English Department at Local U. sent me a letter asking me to write a commentary on one of my former professors who’s being considered for full professorship.  This is the second time I’ve received such a letter, and the second time I’ve received a letter for a professor I didn’t really care for much at all.  I’ll have to write something, though; I can’t get away with pretending I didn’t get the request.  Last time, I wrote a lukewarm, “there’s nothing wrong with the guy, but I didn’t count him among the better of my educational experiences” letter; I’ll compose its twin for this one.

• I’ve updated my “Reads ’10” page, in case you’re interested.  I’ve also updated my sidebar reading list.  What are YOU reading?

Okay – that’s all I’ve got for you.  Have a great Thursday!



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3 responses to “Thoughts for Thursday

  1. Just as I got in to work today I finished Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science & Sex. AWESOME! I’ve got Craig Ferguson’s novel in my bag to start when I leave here. Considering I’ll be headed to a doc who runs notoriously behind I’m glad to have a fresh, new book to work with.

  2. I’m starting “My Name Is Mary Sutter.” It’s very good so far.

  3. Laurie B

    Cream cheese as a side order with a good book..perfect. Eating less more often, good plan.

    Letters of support? All you can do is be polite. The only way to make changes happen is to not support the old system. Chips may fly, be prepared to duck and cover. Politics in academia suck. Weigh your options and outcomes.

    Haven’t said to Auntie and The Girl but do hope that you carry for me all of the great joy and blessings of their day.

    OHH! Two new books to read! Thanks.

    Picked up Graceful Exits on advice of another friend, working on that path. So many ideas, so many books, so little time, so much love. Thanks.

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