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Quick Hit: Ahhhh!

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The First Day of Forever

This morning, love expands my family.  My sister is marrying her best friend; the woman who makes her laugh, makes her think, makes her crazy, and makes her whole.

I cannot adequately express how full of joy I am today.  I have always wished for my sister the kind of stable, strong, and nurturing love that she deserves, and she has found that in The Girl.  They make an amazing pair, and I feel like the Universe is breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve found each other.

The other day, Mr. Chili said “I hope that Auntie and The Girl are as happy as we are.”  I nearly burst into tears.  I wish exactly that for my sister and her bride; a lifetime of small joys, warm contentment, supportive challenges, and everyday wonder that make up a lifetime of happiness.

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I love you both so much.


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