Daily Archives: October 7, 2010

What I’m Doing Instead of Blogging

Seriously, you guys.  Life gets in the way of my blogging habit!

Today, I have to finish importing progress reports to our computer system (almost done!) and I need to write at least one of the four college recommendation letters that have been requested of me so far.  Then I have to write a press release for an event that will be prominently attended by kids at CHS who belong to a club that hasn’t been officially founded just yet.  I have a bunch of fussy little housekeeping things to do (ugh – I need to clean out the fridge ahead of tomorrow’s trash day; leftovers for dinner tonight!), and I have to make sure that I get to my bank’s website to pay a couple of important bills.

That, friends and neighbors, is what’s keeping me from blogging about the stuff that’s on my mind.  You  know, stuff like autumn, or where to find a good vanilla fudge recipe, or the light bulb moment that I was able to recreate for every single one of my classes over Alice in Wonderland.  Stuff like flu shots and aging, eccentric cats and wheel bearings.  Stuff like activism and mysticism and getting myself back on my spiritual rails.  Instead, you get my to-do list.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by today?


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