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Ten Things Tuesday

Care to peek inside the recesses of my mind? Here are ten (entirely random) things Chili’s been thinking about lately.

1. Every week, I choose a new word for the school community to define and use in a sentence; the winner of the week is chosen by Elaina the Front Desk Goddess. This week’s word, retrograde, came from Webster’s “word of the day.” As soon as I saw the word, I immediately thought of the quote “Your leaving is most retrograde to Our desires.” (or something like that) ALL DAY, I’ve been trying to figure out where the hell it’s from, then it hit me; it’s from Hamlet – Claudius is denying Hamlet’s permission to leave for school. Took me all day to get there.

2. I am almost constantly aware that I’m not exercising enough to meet my weight-loss needs. Blah.

3. I’m dreading Daylight Saving Time. My plan is to shift my schedule back only one half hour – I’ll wake up and go to bed a half hour off of what the clock says. Mornings are hard when it’s pitch black outside, and I’m hoping that giving myself an extra half hour will help.

4. I’ve been feeling, all day, like there’s something important I’m not doing. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is, though, because I’ve been wicked productive; I’ve managed to write three college recommendation letters (really good ones, too, if I do say so myself), I’ve finished all my grading and entering (both electronic and paper), and I’ve finished a day’s worth of student-parent conferences. I still can’t figure out what I’m forgetting, though, so maybe I’m just imagining it.

5. I’ve had some WEIRD dreams lately. I mean, weird; like, in one of the few that I remember (beyond the fact that they’re weird), I was married to the math teacher at school. Understand that the math teacher is nearly 20 years younger than I and holds no attraction to me whatsoever, but there I was, lawfully wedded to the guy. What’s up with that?!

6. I have the feeling that a freshman smack down is coming soon. Watch this space.

7. Where, exactly, do the weird songs in my head come from?! I mean, really? I’ve got Irene Cara in there now, belting out “Fame.” HOW did that shit get in there?! I mean it, you guys; I wake up with songs in my head, and I have NO idea how they got there.; I’ll be in the shower, replaying a song over and over in my head.  What’s worse is that the song will change over the course of the day, so I’ll come home humming Pachelbel’s Canon. Wha….?

8.  I miss teaching at the University, but I can’t tell if I actually miss teaching the classes or if I miss being able to say that I teach at the University.  I’m betting it’s a little bit of each.

9.  I’m still trying to craft a coherent response to the people who say that one can’t practice yoga AND be a good Christian at the same time.  I’ve not yet been able to get beyond my initial reaction of “what the fuck is wrong with you people?!” which is neither reasonable nor particularly articulate.

10.  Via Joe.My.God.  I love Rachel Maddow, and I’m really kind of digging her guest, Mark McKinnon, too.

Really; the Republicans could do with more people like him behind a microphone, because Rachel’s right; the GOP is a crazy, bigoted freak show right now. I’m not voting this mid-term for anyone; I’m going to vote against the nutjobs the Republicans have put on the ballots….

Also? I’ve officially fallen in love with Dan Savage. This put me in a little deeper.


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