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Ally Week

Ally Week starts tomorrow.

Never before has it been so important for me to speak out in support of GLBTQ rights and acceptance (not just “tolerance, mind you, but true acceptance).  Children are taking their own lives rather than endure another day of bullying in schools.  Religious and political figures (I will not call them “leaders”) are deliberately fanning the flames of fear and hatred.  Too few voices are speaking out against the madness, and too few outlets are being given to those who do.

Let’s get something perfectly clear; one doesn’t have to burn a cross or threaten a life to be engaged in hate speech.  Anyone who advocates anything less than full and equal rights for ALL people is engaging in hate speech.  Anyone who remains in a pew while their minister preaches that homosexuals are an abomination before God, anyone who says nothing when someone calls someone a “fag” or a “queer” with the intent to intimidate another, and anyone who votes for a candidate who supports only one-man-one-woman marriage or the continuation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or the denial of partner benefits is engaging in hate speech.  Silence, in a very real way, equals death.

Stand up.  Get educated.  Out yourself as an ally – buy a button or a bumper sticker or a tee shirt.  Let people hear you talking about equal rights and compassion.  The children who have taken their own lives – and all the ones who went before them – are an indictment on our society, and everyone who stands back and does nothing is as guilty as those who tease and threaten and hate.  Don’t be that person; I’m begging you.

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