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Ten Things Tuesday

I’ve been trying pretty hard lately to recenter myself energetically.  I have lately found myself getting sucked into the hysteria and general meanness that are all too readily available on the t.v. and the internet, and I’ve let dumbness like the Westboro Baptists and Glenn Beck bring me down.  Here, then, are ten things that are maintaining my faith in humanity in the face of rampant and gleeful ignorance and hatred:

1.  My students.  The kids at CHS really do have the whole “celebrate diversity” thing figured out.  We exist in a safe, supportive, and entirely comfortable environment, and they delight me in their capacity to be not just tolerant, but accepting.

2 –  6.  MAB, Rob, Karen, Success Warrior, and J.  Seriously.  These guys (and most of them are literally guys) really have it figured out.  These are the people I go to for reasoned, clear, and articulate dissections of nutjob arguments and affirmations that we really aren’t going to hell in a handbasket.

7.  Rachel Maddow.  This piece helped me understand the whole appeal of the rescission of DADT, I was delighted when she brought a Republican strategist on her show, and I love that she is always respectful, even when her guests go off their rails.

8.  My yoga classes.  Several of my Sunday regulars are an important part of my practice; knowing that they’ll be there keeps me coming back, and the unspoken connection we share for an hour a week is meaningful to me.

9.  My children.  Mr. Chili and I are working hard to raise these girls to be sources of light in the universe.  Despite the sometimes tumultuous atmosphere in our home (we’re host to two teenage girls, after all), they really are grounded in kindness and compassion.

10.  Friends, family, and blogging buddies who hold me up, especially when I feel like my best option is to crawl under the covers and hide.  Thanks for reminding me that we’re all in this together, that we’re all struggling, and that none of us can make it alone.  The connections I have with these people – even with people I’ve never met in real life – are important to me, and I’m not sure that I say that often enough.


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



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