Nearly Wordless Wednesday

This is me and some of my students (my kids were there, too, but they’re not in the picture), demonstrating for compassion and acceptance in the center of our little town.

I’m so proud of them.



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5 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Laurie B

    In NZ, I’m wearing purple today too.

  2. Were you demonstrators greeted with compassion and acceptance in your little town, or with hoots and jeers of derision? (Just wondering…)

  3. In fact, MMT, I was touched and delighted by how much positive feedback we got. We got a lot of tooting horns as acknowledgment, several passengers opened their windows and clapped as they went by, and a surprising number of people were tugging on their own purple shirts as they passed giving us thumbs up. We only noticed one or two sets of pursed lips, and only two people shouted rudeness at us as they went by.

    A couple of people walking downtown stopped to chat with us, and one of them headed to the local campaign office of our democratic candidate for Senate to tell them what we were doing, resulting in a representative from the campaign coming to talk to us, too. Overall, it was an exceedingly positive experience, and I’d do it again without a moment’s hesitation.

  4. I’m so happy you had a positive experience. I don’t demonstrate much for mostly the same reasons I don’t argue politics anymore. I get tired of dealing with nutjobs. Thank you for doing this, for exposing your kids to it, and doing it all with class.

  5. Good for you and the students.

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