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Birthday Love

It’s Kwizgiver‘s birthday.  Go on over and give her some love!

Kwizgiver, you’re another reason why I love the internet.  I wish you a day that’s exactly what you wanted, and an upcoming year stuffed full of all the joy you can handle.

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Why I Love the Internet

I should probably make this a Ten Things Tuesday list – a series of them, in fact – but today I’m focusing specifically on one aspect of the internet that I just love; that I can push a button and have all kinds of wondrous stuff delivered to my door.

About a month or so ago, I discovered that I have misplaced my copy of James Clavel’s Shogun.  How that happened is entirely beyond me; it’s always been one of my favorite books, so it’s not likely I would have given it away (or purged it in a culling).  What’s more, I was SURE I’d seen it on my bookshelf just recently, so I was completely stymied when I went to get it and couldn’t find it anywhere.  Really, though, this does not stress me out; I went to my computer, opened a window, pushed a button and, for a couple of bucks plus shipping and handling, a new copy was delivered to my door (along with a copy of Empire of the Sun; I was in a Japanese mood that day…).

You want more?  I’ve got more!  When Mr. Chili and I first got together, he would make for me this delightful concoction that was half cake, half fudge sauce.  It was warm and sweet and rich, and I remember us sitting on our couch, with the pan and two spoons, watching VCR tapes of Law and Order (we’ve been together for a while…).  It became part of our history, and we enjoyed it very, very much.

The components to this delicious mess were little boxes of Jiffy mix, and we enjoyed this stuff every winter for years.  Then, several years ago – I forget how long ago, really, but it’s been a good while – the distributor that supplies the grocery stores in my area (in fact, within at least a 50 miles of my area) stopped carrying the mixes in question.  I couldn’t find them anywhere, and none of the stores was confident that they could get it for me.  We were bereft.  Being that I’m clever in the kitchen, I tried to make it with available ingredients, but very attempt I made to reproduce our pudding cake were dark and terrible disappointments.

We despair no longer, though!  I did some internet hunting and discovered the company that actually makes the stuff.  A box with 24 cakes’ worth of ingredients was at my doorstep when I got home today!

I love the internet!


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