Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

Holiday Shopping

I does it.

Seriously.  Today, I found myself at Target (along with a quarter million other people, but whatever) and ended up buying, in addition to the kitty litter and laundry detergent I went in there for in the first place, a number of pretty good holiday gifts.

Buoyed by my relative success, I continued with a trip to Amazon.com this afternoon, where I picked up presents off of a couple of friends’ wish lists and something I was inspired to get for a pair of special people (and a thing or two I need for my classroom).  I’m expecting a package from Isabella.com any day now which contains a couple of what I’m expecting to be very nice presents.  What’s best about all that?  It’s all coming to my door.

Another day or two like this, and I’ll have the whole holiday thing totally knocked.



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