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Birthday Love

My dear one O’Mama celebrates another lap around the sun today.  I can’t be with her – she’s got her crazy annual holiday party with her extended family scheduled for today – but I wanted her to know that I’m thinking of her.  How do I love her?  Let’s count the ways, shall we?

1.  Let’s start with the funny.  O’Mama has a very particular (and often peculiar) way of finding the funny in the everyday that makes me happy to be with her.  I love that she lets me peek in on her perspective; it helps me to understand my life better.

2.  She’s WICKED smaht, but she doesn’t use it for evil.  Some of my favorite memories of time spent with her are of us doing the geeky English teacher thing next to each other.

3.  She’s careful and introspective and always looking for ways she can be better.  She and I are sisters in that, and I love her for it (though I think she’s often far too hard on herself).

4.  She’s generous – with her time, with her attention, with her things.  She gives a lot, and she makes me feel well and often thought of.

5.  Chocolate.  Really; do I have to explain?  She goes for the good stuff and knows how to really appreciate it.  Again, we are sisters in this.

There are so many other reasons why I love my friend, but these are a pretty good representation of the major points.  There are a million other little, almost indescribable things that go into making my friend who she is, and I’m grateful every day that she loves me back.

Happy birthday, You!  Keep it comin’, wouldja?


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Six Word Saturday

Wish us good tree-hunting luck!!



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