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Monday Meme

Stolen, with the ever-accompanying love, from Kwizgiver:

1. Has anyone asked you to believe in something that called for a huge leap of faith on your part? ALL.  THE .  TIME.  I’m a mother and a high school teacher; I have to believe that teenagers will grow out of their stupid and become good, responsible, ethical people.

2. When is the last time you moved? Why did you move? We moved into Chez Chili 19 years ago this coming Mother’s day.  We moved because we built the house and wanted to get the hell out of the apartment scene.

3. Malls? ..or one Internet? Are you doing more online shopping this year? The polls say we are, but I’m curious about what the real people are doing.  Internet.  I love the “bring it to my door” feature.  I’ll shop for SOME things in actual stores, but most of my shopping will be done online.

4. Do you remember the first meme you participated in and if so, what was it? Oh, God.  I can’t remember.  I’ve been doing this blog thing for years (and doing the every day blog thing for most of it).  I suppose I could look it up, but I don’t think you really care that much, do you?

5. If you could invent something, what would it be? Transporter technology, without question.

6. Are you finished with your shopping? Do you still a few things to go? What? Not even a game plan? …or is there just one person you’re having trouble finding something for? I have a few things to go, but I’m not killer stumped over anything, really.

7. What’s left to do at your place (or where you are going)? Is the tree up? …or maybe you’re just happy you found the Christmas coffee mug and are calling that good? We got our tree on Saturday.

8. Is your life turning out the way you thought it would when you were a kid? If not, is it better or worse? It’s WORLDS better than I ever even IMAGINED it would be.  Seriously; I had no reason to expect that I would EVER be this happy.  Ever.

9. Tell us about something you’ll miss about 2010. Huh.  I’m having trouble coming up with anything I’ll really miss (well, besides my kitty; I’m still a little raw about that).  I’m looking forward to the new year; I always do.


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