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Quick Hit: Chaperone

Quick Hit: Chaperone, originally uploaded by mrs.chili.

Chaperoning an 80s dance at CHS. It’s a hoot

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Being the Bad Guy

I think I need a vacation.

I seem to be in a cycle where I can’t do anything right.  I’m feeling inadequate in pretty much every aspect of my life, and while I’m not quite in the “poor me” phase, I am starting to get pretty sick of the fact that I feel like everyone’s blaming ME for everything.  I’M not being consistent, I’M not being cheerful, I’M not picking the appropriate battles, I’M not setting reasonable expectations.

I’M doing the best that I can.  I’m so sorry that doesn’t seem to be good enough, but that’s the best I’ve got at the moment.  I’d really like a little help that doesn’t involve someone telling me that *I* need to do better.


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