Quick Hit: Snowblowing

YAY!  A snow blower that works and doesn’t seem intent on killing my husband!!



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4 responses to “Quick Hit: Snowblowing

  1. Dudley

    So what became of Christine?

  2. We had TWO Christines, in fact, Dudley. We got the first one from an auction. She was happiest when she was spewing flames out the manifold and several times set off our smoke alarms with her exhalations (not to mention the fact that she ruined several of his coats by burning holes through the arms). The second was given to us by someone who decided to get a plow. She was identical to the first (Mr. Chili thinks, in fact, that she was even the same model year) and while she wasn’t given to literally breathing fire, she loved to jam up and conk out at the far end of the driveway. Both of the wretched bitches were rolled to the end of the driveway sporting “FREE!” signs. They’re now either parts or are torturing some other poor bastard.

  3. Does this mean that if I got lucky and lived in your part of the world, I would not be able to run in the winter?

  4. Oh, no, Carson; plenty of idiots… I mean ATHLETES… run in the winter….

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