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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things that I have enjoyed about this holiday:

1.  I loved continuing our Christmas morning tradition of having my sister and her wife come to be with us.  I love these women very much, and even though I’d totally understand if they weren’t able to make it here to Chez Chili on Christmas morning (I just want to see them; it doesn’t matter what the day is), I’m awfully glad that they can.

2.  I did absolutely nothing yesterday.  I mean nothing; I didn’t even get out of my pajamas.  In fact, the most strenuous thing I did all day was getting up to take a picture of my husband clearing the snow from the driveway.  The funny thing was, after a day of doing nothing, I was pretty tired.  I went to bed at 9:30, even.

3.  I’ve eaten some GOOD food this week.  My holiday prime rib was, as always, scrumptious.  Mr. Chili made a kick-ass turkey dinner sandwich for me the other day.  I have been enjoying sugar cookies and croissants slathered in Nutalla.  Yes, I know, I’m going to have to work it off later, but I’m really loving it now.

4.  I’ve watched some fun movies.  We viewed Despicable Me yesterday, along with a couple of episodes of The Pacific.  Earlier in the week, we watched Star Trek (the most recent film) and Mr. Chili pulled SALT from the Redbox in the grocery store (it was okay – I’m glad I didn’t bother to see it in the theatre, though).  I have a number of favorite DVDs pulled from the collection for later viewing, and Mr. Chili and I plan on taking the girls to see The Dawn Treader later in the week.

5.  I’ve been getting some good reading done.  I’m almost through Nicole Krauss’s The History of Love, and as soon as I turn the last page, I’m heading right into In the Shadow of Gotham.  Mr. Chili and I bought a copy of Parenting Teens with Love and Logic.  We’re big fans of the Love and Logic people – we used their ideas to parent the girls so far – and I’m hoping that I might find some similar wisdom in this book.  I have some great books lined up for my kids when we get back, too, so it’s going to be a fun couple of months for me.

6.  I haven’t done any work.  Well, that’s not precisely true; even though I am under orders from the Goddess of the Front Desk to not work at all this week (and trust me, you disobey The Goddess at your peril), I did return an email from a student asking for guidance on her project, and I wrote a letter to Stephen King’s foundation asking him to give us some of his time for our next book fair (we live within reasonably easy travel distance to the author).  I’m also going to see Bob tomorrow, and my hope is that he can guide me through the new feature on our LMS that lets me grade students papers online, but I promise not to do any of that grading until Sunday night.

7.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m looking forward to spending some time with O’Mama soon.  I really do enjoy a couple of hours at her kitchen table, and maybe we can even go out into the world for a while.

8.  It also hasn’t happened yet, but we’re planning on going snow-tubing with the Bowyer clan either tomorrow or Thursday.  We’re going to try a new (to us) place; I’ll report back!

9.  For all of my lovely laziness, I have been hit with occasional bouts of motivation.  I’ve managed to purge and reorganize all of my gift wrapping supplies, both for the holidays and for general occasions; all the boxes are mated with tops, all the gift bags are stacked in order of occasion, all the Christmas wrapping is collated and ready to go back in the basement.  I’ve also gone through several loads of laundry and am in the process of regaining control of my kitchen and dining room.  The tree will probably come down on the 31st, and I’ll do a focused vacuuming and cleaning before I reset the great room.  We were hoping to split the girls’ room this break, but they don’t seem particularly motivated to do the things that need to be done for that to happen, so I’m not going to worry too much about that.  The bottom line is that I don’t feel as though I’m overwhelmed by the state of my house, and I love how that feels.

10.  I feel like I’m slowly finding my emotional and spiritual center again.  While I didn’t come into this vacation week in the kind of desperate state I’ve felt in past years, I really did feel like the timing was perfect for me to stop and settle.  I’m using some of the time to take stock, to re-prioritize, and to evaluate so that I can come back better and more focused than I was when I started.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!!  What are YOU doing with your vacation?


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