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Quick Hit: More Snow

Most of the country is in for it. Blah.


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There are a lot of things about this whole parenting adventure that surprise me (and not always in a good way, either). Comedians joke about teenagers being brain damaged or possessed, and I’m starting to understand why. It’s one thing to think about the way teenagers are portrayed in books and film and t.v., though, it’s another thing entirely when it’s playing out in one’s real life.

Punkin’ had a really rough day today.

There is almost nothing predictable about what’s going to happen to set her off, we just know that something will. Today, it was picking a movie. Seriously; trying to choose a DVD to watch with her sister was enough to send her into a decline that involved, for the first time, physical violence as her dad insisted that she stay and work out what was happening.

The last time I saw her counselor, she told me that sometimes, the only reason for Punkin’s behavior is “because she’s a teenager.” There’s only so far I can go with that, though. We have another appointment tomorrow; I expect this one will be rough.


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Quick Hit: See? It’s Not That Hard

Hat tip to Joe.My.God for the video.

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Six Word Saturday

Quinoa rice pudding experiment was successful!

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We Interrupt This Blog…

…I’m busy, you guys. I’m busy getting the end-of-term stuff done, I’m busy spending time with my family, I’m busy, you know, living my life.

I’m committed to the blog, though, so today, you get this. I’m spending a lot of energy lately trying to figure out why certain people in my life (most particularly people between the ages of 13 and 18, but a couple of adults, too) are working REALLY hard to make things WAY more complicated than they really need to be and who are, as a result, miserable most of the time. My English classes spent a good portion of this week in discussion about why we seem to think that it’s much easier to be miserable than to be happy, and I find I spend a lot of my time trying to convince them that each requires the same amount of work, but one pays much higher dividends…

from  I’m not-so-secretly in love with Dante.

I’ll grant you that the path isn’t always nice and straight, but it’s rarely as convoluted as some people try to make it.  Just sayin’.

Happy Friday, Y’all!


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Quick Hit: You’re Not the Boss of Me

What she doesn’t realize is that I’m not TRYING to be her boss. I’m trying to teach her how to be responsible enough to be her own boss, but she’s having nothing of it.

I hate this.


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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Ooof.  I’m wicked busy, y’all.  I’m trying to get all my grading done and all my assessments written, and, well… and…  SO!  You get this today; Elaina the Goddess of the Front Desk hooked me up with it.  Isn’t it cute!?


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