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Ten Things Tuesday

Kwizgiver declared that I have a fabulous blog, and part of the deal of acccepting that honor is I’m to list five fabulous things about me. Really, though, aren’t you sick of me yet?. I mean, yes, I am that fabulous, though I’m not sure I can come up with anything I haven’t told you already. Let’s, instead, go with ten things I think are fabulous, shall we? Then, at the bottom, we’ll launch into a list of ten bloggers I think are fabulous, just because I can….

1. Nutella. I mean, really. A slather of this stuff on a slice of pound cake or a mini croissant is just heaven.

2. Computers.
The things I’m able to do – and the people with whom I’m able to connect – are just amazing. Really, computer technology is magic.

3. My coworkers.
Every single one of them is, to use the local parlance, frickin’ awesome. Smart, funny, passionate, dedicated, ethical people, and I get to work with them every day.

4. Central heating. Trust me; when it gets to be about this time of year around here, one is profoundly, deeply, eternally grateful that the furnace is working.

5. Ditto the heated seats, the polarfleece accessories, the woobie socks and sweaters, and the down comforters.

6. Steak. A nice ribeye done just so with caramelized onions and roasted sweet potatoes and a side of green beans. Mmmmm. (can you tell I’m writing this before dinner?

7. TiVo.
I love being able to skip commercials, and being able to record something without having to set a VCR timer. Remember those days?

8. Movies.
We have a redbox in our grocery store, and Auntie got me a membership to Netflix that lets us get movies through our TiVo. Awesome. Also? DVDs are the bomb; the other day, I was folding laundry and watching The Two Towers on network t.v. I got to a commercial, popped the DVD in, and had the rest of the film entirely uninterrupted by insurance ads and overdone commercials for fast food restaurants.

9. Books.
How could I forget about books?! I’m reading a bunch of them now – I’ve got To Kill a Mockingbird going with my freshmen (well, I will have tomorrow, anyway), I’m re-reading Something Wicked This Way Comes with my juniors (who are, I hope, going to be much more attuned to the beauty and poetry and downright creepiness of the language in this novel), I’m getting ready to start Interview With the Vampire with my seniors (I’ll explain why at Teacher’s Education), and I’m reading When the Emperor was Divine for myself. I’m loving EVERY SINGLE PAGE of EVERY SINGLE BOOK. How cool is it that I get to do for a living what I love to do for myself?!

10. My friends. It kind of goes without saying (though I try to say it all the time), but I am loved by some amazing, fabulous, astounding people. Really, sometimes I’m brought up short: how is it that all these wonderful souls love me? If I were to judge my worth by the people who care for me, I would find myself wholly worthy.

Here are just ten members of my (extensive) internet family. Some of them keep blogs, some of them have blogs but don’t write much in them anymore, and some are commenters (who, if they have a blog, haven’t told me about them yet), but they’re all people who are important to me, even though I’ve never met some of them in real life…. yet….

1. Eddie

2. Kizz

3. Auntie

4. O’Mama

5. Sphyrnatude

6. Word Lily

7. Kwizgiver

8. Success Warrior

9. Gerry

10. Oregon Sunshine.


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