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Meanwhile, in New England….


Rain/Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%

Hi 34 °F


Snow/Sleet Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%

Lo 30 °F


Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%

Hi 38 °F


Well, at least it started late enough for us to get some out-of-the-house stuff done. Punkin had an entrance exam for Fancy Schmancy Academy Private School today (hereafter known as FSA, to distinguish it from Catholic Private School, CPS, for future reference). She’s applying to a couple of different high schools in the hopes of not having to go to Local High – the school in our town does not have the best reputation for stellar academics. ANYWAY, we were able to get her to the testing site and back with no weather-related issues, so that was good.

After we picked her up (she said the test went well), we got a bite and went to do some quick shopping; Mr. Chili went to the Home Despot (which Auntie calls the Homo-Queero after the now-defunct HQ superstores) in the hopes of getting something to solve the icing problem we’re having on the north side of the house. Poor guy has spent literally all day (well, except for when we were out) trying to break up ice and move snow. Luckily, he didn’t fall off the roof. He’s snow-blowing the back yard now, in an effort to move the snow away from the house so there’s room for the snow that’s falling now. Sigh.

I spent most of the day cleaning house. It looks gorgeous, if I do say so myself. As I was working, I came to a bit of a parenting epiphany. Punkin’ is pissed at me because I haven’t given her the iTouch back; she lost it as a result of her using her time unwisely (she’s discovered streaming t.v. programs and YouTube). We told her that she could have it back this weekend, but two things happened; one, she snuck it back on Friday without our consent and two, she refused to help out with any of the around-the-house chores.

Here’s the thing about Saturday Scrubbing (our name for the once-a-week, serious cleaning we all participate in): if we ALL participate, it gets done well and quickly. The four of us working on the list (yes, I made a list) can get the whole house pretty much sparkling in about an hour. Bean took a couple of list items while Dad was out in the snow, but Punkin’ said, flat out, that she didn’t want to help.

I was upset at first (duh!), but the more I thought about it, the less upset I got. It occurs to me that this is not HER house; she’s perfectly within her rights to refuse to participate in its care and keeping. That doesn’t mean, though, that she gets to live here and be waited on. I’m thinking a little more about it, but I’m imagining that there’s going to be a conversation coming up soon about the privileges that come with participation, and the responsibility for compensating those who do the work that you had agreed to take on but consistently fail to do (we discovered that the reason Toeses has been pooping in inappropriate places these last two days isn’t because he’s ill; I scooped literally 10 pounds out of his box this afternoon because Punkin’, who agreed to care for the kitty, has failed to do so). I’m willing to do her chores, but she’s going to have to figure out some way of adequately compensating me.

This parenting thing is always an adventure.


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