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Quick Hit: Corporate Love *EDITED TWICE*

Some of you may be aware that I am on a quest to find a good vanilla green tea. A few months ago, I was helping O’Mama clean out her overstuffed tea cabinet, and she sent me home with a package of some heavenly stuff that I enjoyed very, very much. The problem is that this aforementioned heavenly stuff came from a little shop in Ottawa that has neither a website nor a mail-order division, so when I ran out, I was not only out of yummy tea, but I was also quite out of luck.
*Edited to include that the little shop in Ottawa apparently doesn’t make that heavenly stuff anymore. Bastids. It happens to me ALL THE TIME; I fall in love with something and in short order it gets discontinued)**

A campaign ensued to try to find a near-enough substitute. A week or so ago, I placed an order for some vanilla green tea from the Tropical Teas company on the internet. The order was easy to place, the tea was reasonably priced (free shipping!), and the box arrived at my door much faster than I was expecting it. The problem is that the tea is not to my liking; it has a strange undertone that I find unpleasant.

I emailed the company to ask if I could return the package I hadn’t opened yet. The next afternoon, they responded that I needn’t return the tea and that I had a couple of options – I could request a different flavor or they could refund my purchase. I emailed back that I’d like a refund, and I got an email this morning telling me that my account will be reimbursed first thing Monday morning.

While I don’t love their vanilla tea (they sent me a sample of the peach which is pretty yummy, though!), I AM in love with their customer service. I love a company that treats its customers well, and I’ll totally place another order from them (and recommend them to you!) because of it.

*Edited again to say that the company emailed me again this morning. Here’s what they said:
Thank you very much for the kind words. We greatly appreciate your sharing our company on your blog. Please pass on to all your friends to be sure and register their email address on our website before March 1st so that they may receive the huge March Madness Discount we offer each year. It will be between 30% – 40% off everything in the store.

We also have a separate batch of Vanilla Green Tea that we are going to send you a free sample packet. We just want to make sure you did not get a bad batch. Really, you guys; GREAT customer service. I am beyond impressed.


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