Quick Hit: Why We Need Teachers, Reason 26

Really? No… REALLY?! If you’re going to put something in foot-high letters for the world to see, you might want to check your spelling. Just sayin’.

Hat tip to JoeMyGod.

SO! Who’s getting educated about what’s REALLY happening in Wisconsin?



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7 responses to “Quick Hit: Why We Need Teachers, Reason 26

  1. Is something happening in Wisconsin? =)

  2. This isn’t a contest, Falcon; we’re both only too painfully aware that there are dumb (and careless) people on both sides of every argument.

    Yeah, SW; and I’m still trying to get to the bottom of what it’s REALLY about. I am highly suspicious of what the news is telling me is really at the heart of this…

  3. Koch brothers want to buy up Wisconsin public-owned utilities for a song.

  4. Dudley

    Now that’s funny.

  5. The heart of the matter in a nutshell is this: go read ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein. 🙂 The basic premise is that politicians exploit a crisis (or in this case engineer a fake crisis) in order to push through unrelated policies that they’d never get away with otherwise.

    In this case, the governor created a crisis by giving away the projected state surplus to corporate contributors to his campaign, in almost the exact amount that he now claims needs to be made up by busting the unions. He is also making sweetheart deals to sell off state property to the billionaire Koch brothers at lower prices than they are worth, while cutting taxes and hurting his state even worse. Then he’s using the crisis he created to try to bust unions, even though unions have NOTHING to do with the economic shortfalls in his or any other state.

    Unions have paid for tax cuts for the wealthy by taking deferred payments in the form of pensions to allow states to balance their budgets. Now that the states have to pay up on those pensions they want to cancel their obligation and cut wages in order to give rich people even more tax cuts. Basically, the politicians starting with Reagan have eaten the future in order to have free lunch tax cuts in the present. Now that we’ve run out of future, they want to eat the present to keep transferring more wealth from the bottom 90% to the top 1%.

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