Every Man is My Superior in That I May Learn From Him

Thomas Carlyle said that.

Sometimes I wonder if I see the world very differently than others.  I notice that I spend a lot of time listening (and I mean REALLY listening) to a lot of different people.  I feel like not a lot of people do that.

I have the good fortune to have some really amazing people in my life who are willing to share what they know, think, and believe with me.  What’s just as important, I think, is that I realize what a gift this is, and I don’t take a second of it for granted.

I am grateful to all of you who read and comment here for being willing to discuss with me some of the (many) things that vex.  I have long maintained that one of the primary reasons I blog is for the community; through this forum, I have access to an incredible range of views and experiences in all of you, and I am thankful literally every day that I can post a question or a problem and get thoughtful, considered, and (mostly) respectful and well-meant feedback.  Your thinking makes me think more carefully and deeply for myself, and I am honored that so many of you are so willing to engage me in genuine discourse, even if we disagree (which we seem to be doing a lot of lately, but that’s still okay…).

So thank you, Dear Readers, for teaching me, for challenging me, and for supporting my constant and continuing quest to see as widely and as deeply and as compassionately as I am able.  I am a better person for having you in my life, and I’m grateful to each of you for the richness, variety, and inspiration that you bring to it.



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10 responses to “Every Man is My Superior in That I May Learn From Him

  1. I should be thanking you! I get so much more than I give here–I am continually challenged to think harder, be more open and just be.

  2. Wait… there’s nothing in this for people to complain about, so only one comment! Say something offensive!!!!

    Oh, and you’re welcome. I’ll be looking for some gratitude in the form of a check in the mail, no?

  3. Dudley

    Happy to help 🙂

  4. With my schedule, I have had to drop most of my blog reading but there are two that I never miss. This is, obviously, one of those. I love your words.

  5. Paula VanPelt

    Actually the quote comes from the poet Ralph Waldo Emmerson

  6. Patricia Estabrook

    Do you remember the old sitcom, All in the Family? It was there that I heard this quotation for the first time and remembered it. The context was that a mentally challenged man said that to Archie Bunker who immediately discredited it. I, however, have thought of it hundreds of times as I assembled the rag-tag army that is The Game Loft, a youth center in Belfast, Maine. Our members and supporters are avid in their devotion because every day we learn from them. Today I am giving this quotation to a young girl who is turning 16 and is still young enough to be disdainful of people like me.

  7. Nancy

    I watched that particular episode of All in the Family just tonight and that quote grabbed me. It rings loud in my spirit. I googled it and found more riches. If Emerson coined it, I thank him.

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