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Beanie Birthday Love

Alternately titled; “What are you, TWELVE?!”

She is the child of my heart.

She is kind, compassionate, and observant.

She knows how to bring the funny.

She is fierce and bold and super-smart.


I continue to be grateful, every day, that she chose me to be her mommy.  I love you, Beanie; happy 12.


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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Actually, these are quite wordy; they’re just someone else’s words.

First, go to my friend J, who’s been ruminating (as have many of us in my profession) about the rabid ways in which teachers are being characterized lately.

Second, go see Ed. Ed has, yet again, hit one out of the park in his thinking about why there seems to be no looting in Japan in the wake of the unthinkable disasters and attendant humanitarian crisis (hint; it has to do with ethical governance. Imagine!)

Come back later for a Beanie post (that may or may not be password protected, depending on whether I decide to post recent pictures of my goon. She’s turning 12 today and needs birthday love, Plus, she’s getting her ears pierced this afternoon, so we may well have to toss up a shot. If I know you, I’ll let you in).

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