Ten Things Tuesday

The calendar says it’s spring.  A quick glance out the window tells me otherwise.  Here, then, are ten things I’m very much looking forward to in the spring time department:

1.  Short pants.  When I was younger, I thought that capri pants were ridiculous.  Now, though?  I love them.

2.  Driving with the windows/sunroof open.  Granted, I’ll have to drive with the heater running for a while as the windows are open, but the fresh air will be nice.

3.  Grass, and green things in general.  Right now, my life is twiggy, brown, and dirty white.

4.  By the same token, flowers will be welcomed.

5.  Grilling.  I love to cook outdoors.  Well, let me amend that; I love to have Mr. Chili cook outdoors.  Along those lines, I’m looking forward to the fresh, light foods that spring and summer bring.

6.  Twittery birds.  All the birds who winter over in these parts are screechers – crows, seagulls, blue jays.  When the mourning doves and the chickadees come back, I start really believing that spring is coming.

7.  The ice cream shops open again.  ‘Nuff said.

8.  Spring cleaning.  It’s not exactly something that I look forward to, but I really do love the end result of a serious, focused cleaning.

9.  April vacation!  The Chili family is going to take the Auto Train to visit the TwoBlueDay family in Florida this year.  I can’t wait.

10.  Holding class outside.  My school is situated right next to a public park.  When the weather gets decent, I like to take the kids outside to read or write or talk.  Sometimes, a change of venue is just what’s needed.


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