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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten miscellaneous things:

1.  I’ve only gingerly waded back into the cesspool that is our news media, and what I’ve gotten stuck to me even in that short dip isn’t pretty.  Don’t even TRY to tell me that this country isn’t viciously disrespectful of women, because I’m not buying it.  Doctors asking about guns in the household is a violation of our civil rights, but requiring women to undergo waiting periods and anti-abortion counseling (some of which isn’t even true) before an abortion is good policy?  Fuck all of those people.

2.  I rarely give my phone number to students.  In fact, I think it is true that, until Friday, only one active student at CHS had access to my private phone number (and he only got it because I was concerned that he might be sleeping in his car in the middle of New England’s winter).  I’ve been noticing, though, that Kyle has been off lately.  My normally happy, funny, sarcastic little boy has been despondent and quiet, and when he asked if he could duck out of one of my classes to meet with the guidance counselor, I asked him what was up.  Turns out his parents are splitting up, and my impression was that as soon as dad moved out, mom moved the new guy in.  Kyle is feeling adrift and unsupported.  I gave him my number and told him that if he needed a reliable grown-up, he could call me.  I needed that kind of commitment from adults in my life at that age (in fact, it was teachers (and my adopted family) who kept me from swallowing a bottle of Valium when I was 16).  I need to be able to give that back to the kids in my life.  I don’t know if Kyle will ever call me, but I do know that he knows that he can, and that I’ll be there if he does.

3.  Even though I went to the gym yesterday and lifted weights until I literally could not lift any more, I’m remarkably free of post-workout soreness today.  It may well be that I won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow, though; I have a pretty long lag-time for stuff like that.  Also?  Even though I would never say that I’m better than anyone else, I did encounter a couple of the “mean girls” of the group exercise staff in the weight room while I was there.  Catty, shallow, petulant, self-absorbed little bitches, those two.  I may actually be a little better than them, but so is nearly everyone else.  How do people live like that?

4.  Speaking of that, I’m starting to notice that there’s one in every crowd.  Last year, I had Jimmy, whom I dreaded having to deal with every day and whom I couldn’t wait to be rid of.  I don’t miss him, I don’t long to find out how he’s doing; I’m genuinely glad to be free of his bullshit.  Of course, this year, another kid has stepped up to take his place.  I’m working on releasing all attachment to Sam – I have to accept the fact that I can’t reach him and that he’s going to have to learn his important lessons from someone else.  I only hope he gets those lessons before it’s too late.  Sam graduates in 22 school days.  I can’t wait to wave him goodbye.

5.  That being said, there are a couple of other boys whom I’m actively going to miss when they go off to college next year.  One of them is the aforementioned sleeping-in-his-car kid, who’s made some really remarkable strides this year and with whom I’ve developed a really nice mentor relationship.  I’m also going to miss Eric.  Here’s a kid who, when we first met last year, didn’t think we would be able to work together.  In the two years we’ve been working (exceedingly well) together, I’ve watched this kid learn how to think and question and reformulate his ideas when presented with new and challenging information.  These are the kinds of kids I do this job for, and I’m confident that I’m sending these two out into the world ready to face the challenges I know are coming their way.

6.  Some nutjobs have decided that the world is going to end on the 21st of May.  I had no idea, until yesterday, that some of those nutjobs are local to me; I drove by a billboard on my way home from a field trip yesterday that proclaims the “Bible guarantees” the end of the world.  I guess I felt safer thinking that none of the nutjobs might be my neighbors.

7.  The world had better not end on the 21st.  Mr. Chili and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in Bermuda at the end of June, and I’ll be pissed to have to cancel.

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8.  I’ve discovered a couple of new websites that I’m digging.  The Friendly Atheist is just that, and the Naked Pastor draws some really interesting and thought-provoking cartoons.  I’m especially fond of this one and this one.

9.  One of my summer vacation treats will be to re-read all the Harry Potter books ahead of the release of the last film.  Also?  I want this

10. I’m pissed at Anne Rice’s assistant; I think he’s avoiding me. WAAAY back, we had made arrangements to have Ms. Rice Skype into my senior class to discuss Interview with the Vampire and the craft of writing. I made a big deal about how we’re on the EAST coast. Boy scheduled us for Pacific time, so we had to reschedule. Something happened on the day of the resechedule, so she didn’t show. I’ve been trying, ever since, to get another date nailed down. I’ve sent the boy three emails that have gone unanswered. I’m betting that interview isn’t going to happen.


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