Fuck You, Tennessee

They did it AGAIN.  The governor of Tennessee, Republican Bill Haslam, has seen fit to sign a bill that overturns the anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBTQ citizens of Nashville.

Awesome.  Between this and the asshole Republican in Kansas who suggested that women should buy rape insurance, I’m back on the warpath.



Filed under doing my duty, dumbassery, frustrations, GLBTQ/Ally issues, health, Home and Family, politics, social issues, this is NOT a drill, Worries and Anxieties, WTF?!

2 responses to “Fuck You, Tennessee

  1. I feel like I have “wrath fatigue,” but the bastards count on that don’t they.

  2. needsatimeout

    Don’t forget the Georgia lawmaker who introduced a bill in Feb saying he would like proof that a miscarriage occured naturally or the woman could face felony charges. Sure asshole! Because we aren’t in enough pain.

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