Quick Hit: Alice

Quick Hit: Alice, originally uploaded by mrs.chili.

My kids are putting on an original production of Alice in Wonderland.
This is the caterpiller. I’m having a blast!



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7 responses to “Quick Hit: Alice

  1. By “kids” do you mean your daughters or your students?

    Either way – nice work!

    • Sorry – my ACADEMIC kids. Even so, I’m terribly proud of them; they did an amazing job!

    • Nope. My contribution was Herculean patience during the lead-up to this. Next year, I’m going to find out when the production is scheduled and show movies in my classes during the week prior. The kids were both useless and stupid during tech week, and I’d like to not have to repeat this year’s experience of expecting them do do any meaningful work for me.

      • Yeah, cuz, ya know, heaven forbid they try to concentrate on doing more than one thing at a time, right?

        Oy (facepalm)!

        I thought, given the source material for the production, that you as an English teacher might have gotten involved somehow from that side of things. You’ve taught AIW in your classes in the past, haven’t you?

      • In fact, I did. Very early in the year, all the English classes studied Alice. From there, the screen/playwriting class put together a script, then the puppetry, stage craft, theatre production, and acting classes put the thing into motion. Really, though, my greatest contribution was the patience; the last few weeks have been trying…

  2. “Really, though, my greatest contribution was the patience; the last few weeks have been trying…”

    And my contributions lately haven’t really helped you there lately, have they? 🙂

    When am I giving you your rum, btw. I would think you could really use it by now… 🙂

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