Birthday Love *Edited*

Punkin’ Pie turns FOURTEEN today.

Holy CRAP!

This kid is the whole package.  She is exceedingly smart and stunningly beautiful (no, really; I’m not just saying that because I’m her mother).

She got her father’s funny gene; sometimes, her delivery knocks me dead.

She’s doing that whole teenager thing, so sometimes it’s a little rough to be her.  She’s figuring herself out, though, and every once in a while, I get a glimpse of the grown-up she’s going to be.  She’s going to be a great one.

Life with this amazing person has always, from the very beginning, been a joyful adventure.  I continue to strive to be what she needs, and to honor her as she grows and changes into the person she came here to be.  I’m still grateful, every day, that she chose me to be her mommy.

I love you, Punkin’ Pie.  Here’s to the next year!

*Edited to include this image, which I had to peel out of Punk’s baby album because Auntie said it was one of the best days of her life….



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7 responses to “Birthday Love *Edited*

  1. Happy Birthday, Punk! I love you.

  2. I’m pretty sure she is going to rock 14. I love you!

  3. Happy birthday, Punkin!

  4. Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!

  5. I missed another birthday? She’s a big favorite of mine. Much love from Illinois.

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