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Quick Hit: Ahhhh

Quick Hit: Ahhhh, originally uploaded by mrs.chili.

Really, do I have to explain?

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Quick Hit: Wonderful

It was a really great day, and I was too busy living it to write. You’ll get an update tomorrow. Nitey-night!

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Quick Hit: Alfred May be On to Something…

As I’ve watched the news for the last few weeks – and the last few days in particular – this line has kept coming back to me.  I feel like this is the only possible explanation for the behavior of the Republicans in general – and the Tea Party in particular.


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Quick Hit: Make it Stop!

Back in 2005, we embarked upon a journey very nearly to hell an adventure in home addition/construction.  Back then, the gentleman in charge was a sharp-witted Brit with a taste for too-loud vintage rock and punk music.  I remember very clearly his sheepishly turning his music down and apologizing to me as I’d come home in the afternoons, usually eliciting assurances from me that Squeeze and the Police at top volume were okay in my book.

We’re currently in the midst of a power-washing/restaining adventure.  The boys doing the work are nice enough, but dear God in heaven, I can’t fucking stand their music.  They’ve had the local country station blaring from the back yard all day, and I’m just about at my limit with the twanging (oh, dear GOD, the twanging!).

The girls and I are going to escape to the library for a few hours.  Hopefully, by the time we return, the boys – and their music – will have vacated the premises for the night.



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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I think this may be part of where I lose my footing….


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Ten Things Tuesday

We’re going to the lake on Saturday, so this week is engaged in cleaning Chez Chili (’cause y’all know that Chili can’t enjoy her vacation if she knows there are dust bunnies frolicking in the house) and packing.  Here, then, are ten things we always bring to the lake for our annual escape:

1.  Bruder!  He arrives on Thursday and will stay with us through the week.  Really, he’s one of the most important parts of this tradition.

2.  Sheets and towels.  There are some linens, but not enough to keep us for the week.

3.  Noodles, Nerf footballs, and squirt guns.  In fact, I’m heading to T*arget to obtain replacements for some of these things, as our stock has served us well but for a bit too long.  Oh, also?  I found out about these when BlueMoon had them at the Cape last weekend, and they are a BLAST, so I went out and bought two sets.

4.  Food.  Most of my grocery run for the waterside week involves munchie-type things that we eat on the porch all day long – carrots and hummus, chips, nuts, crackers and cheese, that sort of thing.  We eat out at least once at the Front Porch, but the rest of our meals happen at home, so I bring lunch meats, chicken, burgers, and dogs (and all the accompanying goodies) and, of course, s’more makings.

5.  Electronica.  This year’s things will include iPads and phones, a DS, an iTouch, and perhaps one laptop.  There’s wifi at the house, but I think we’re going to limit its use to the edges of the day.  We’ll be able to play, to blog, and to listen to music (or ball games) from our electronics, and even though a lot of people think that unplugging is important on vacations, our gizmos make our week better.

6.  My yoga mat.  I love morning yoga on the dock, just me and the birds.

7.  Books.  I have both the paper and the electronic variety lined up, and I’m looking forward to settling myself on a dock in the shade and reading until my eyeballs are tired.

8.  DVDs, and the location of the nearest Redbox.  There’s always a possibility of an inside day, and sometimes disconnecting in front of a good movie is just the thing.

9.  Cribbage, Uno, Rummikub, and Bananagrams, because not all of our games have to be electronic.  

10.  Rum.  I vacation with my in-laws; is this really an item I have to explain?


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Monday Musing: Seeking Peace

This morning, I got an email from a very dear friend who, it seems, has been (not unjustly) worried about me.   He’s been picking up on my growing discontent (if not my expanding fear) and wrote to me to tell me that he recognizes what I’m going through as something he endured before coming to a couple of realizations; that the whole thing – politics, religion, all of it – is a made-up lie designed to keep us from connecting to each other, and that there’s really nothing any one person can do about it.

The difference between my friend and me is that he’s figured out how to make peace with those realities, and I’m not quite there yet.

So much of this I have already come to understand.  The first artificial division I was aware of was race – I “got” that when I was about 5, and I had the religion thing figured out years ago.  It’s only recently that I’ve come to a level of intolerance for religion, though, and that is the product of what I’ve seen as an increase in its use as a weapon of destruction and pain and a virulent unwillingness of people who profess to be religious to disavow that kind of behavior done in the name of the faith they embrace.  I’ve decided to follow the thinking of Thomas Mann who said that, “tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.”

I have always understood the divisiveness of politics, too, though it’s only in the last few years, when I’ve become more engaged and aware of the things that go on in the political world (and had children and, thus, became more invested in the future of our society), that I’ve been not just disappointed but disgusted in the things that I see and hear from our elected “representatives.”  Honestly; how do these people live with themselves?  More than that, what were we thinking when we decided that these people were the ones we wanted making important decisions for us as a community?

What my friend wants me to figure out, and what I think I’m just this side of being able to incorporate, is that the energy that I’m spending in railing against these things – on pointing out the idiocy of it, on trying to change peoples’ minds – is totally wasted.  I think (and I could be wrong here, but it doesn’t feel like I am) that my friend is trying to remind me that the only thing I can control – indeed, the only thing I could ever control – is me.  I can choose to live my life as an ethical, moral, decent person.  I can choose to not muddy my energy by participating in a system that is deeply (and, the more I think about it, incurably) broken.  I can choose to tend to my corner of the world and hope that my energy will ripple out through others – friends, children, students – who will do likewise with their corner of the world.

I haven’t quite figured out how to do that… yet… but I’m working on it.


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