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Honeymoon 2.0; Part VI

Thursday was kind of a do-nothing day.  We slept in and had breakfast, as was our custom, in the apartment.  We took our repast on the deck overlooking the city of Hamilton and listened to the birds (and the whine of scooter engines as they made their way in and out of town)

One of the things I didn’t get to do was wander through that cemetery.  Having lived my whole life in New England, I’m not familiar with the concept of crypts or mausoleums, so the idea of “burying” someone above ground is foreign to me.  While there were burial grounds like those I’m accustomed to – with old headstones and urns and such – most of the cemeteries I saw were much like the one in the foreground of our view off the balcony.  I suppose it has to do with the topography and the practicality of digging graves out of limestone.  Anyway…

We pretty much fell in love with Devonshire Bay, so we decided after breakfast to hop on the scooter and head back there for a bit.  We picked up more sea glass and, clad in our suits, wandered out over the rocks to wade a little.

From there, we decided to see the rest of the park, so we took a walk up the hill and took in some of the beautiful scenery.

(Mr. Chili doing his Fantasia Sorcerer’s Apprentice impression with the waves)

After a while of soaking all that in, we decided, since it was our do-nothing day, that we’d head back home.  A quick trip to the apartment to get some towels and a couple of iced teas, then off to the pool (I didn’t take any pictures of us IN the pool, but here’s what the place looks like)

Once we’d had our fill of floating, we wandered back across the courtyard to home.  Quick showers, pajamas, and a DVD (Grand Torino, which I enjoyed more than I expected to) finished off this quiet, happy day.

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