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Monday Meme

I was doodling around facebook last week when stumbled across this list of 50 things that everyone should be able to do.  I like this list not only because the things on it are practical and smart, but also because there are links to help you learn how to do the things you might not yet have mastered.  Isn’t the internet awesome?

Anyway, I went through the list and discovered that I’m deficient in only four of the skills listed:

• I don’t know how to win or avoid a fistfight (#8).  Fortunately, this isn’t really an issue for me, though if I ever take a job in a traditional high school, I may want to consider a self-defense course.

• I only speak English with any kind of proficiency (#26).  I could probably get by in an emergency with the Spanish I learned in high school – every once in a while, I’ll listen to Spanish language tv and I’m surprised by how much of the broad idea, if not the minute detail, I can glean – and I’m sure that I can make myself understood in ASL, but that’s about it.

• I’m not good at painting (#32).  I can DO it, but I get much better results by hiring professionals.

• I experience vapor lock when confronted with any kind of audio-visual equipment that has more than one or two connectors to it (#41).  I was able to connect a simple DVD player to the t.v. in my classroom, but that’s only because it had three color-coded wires and a plug that goes into the wall.  Anything more than that, and I’m stymied.

Of that list, I consider myself more than proficient – professional, even! – in numbers 5, 6, 7, 16, 19, 21-23, 27, 30, 33, 37, and 42, with particular emphasis on the cooking, the manual transmission operation and parallel parking (Hi, Mark!), and the storytelling.

How do YOU rate?


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