Thought for Thursday

I’m working hard lately on not succumbing to asshole poisoning.  I would like to think that my tolerance for such things would increase with age and experience, but I’m finding the opposite.

The more I think about it – and the more despondent and frustrated I get – the more I come back to the same idea; SOMEONE had to elect these people into office.  SOMEONE has to watch these people on t.v. or listen to them on the radio to the extent that the advertisers are still willing to put up the money to keep these shows on the air.

What I keep coming back to from that line of thinking is this; WE are those someones.  *I* am, in part, responsible for these things that I hate.  Look in the mirror, People; we have met the enemy, and it is us:

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I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this.  On the one hand, it makes me hopeful; so many people are so disenchanted with a lot of the dumbness that’s going on that I have to believe that frustration will compel at least some of them to get off their comfortable asses and do something about it.

On the other hand, though, it scares the ever loving shit out of me.  The reason these people are in office (or on the air) in the first place is because a majority of us (or, at the very least, a majority of us who got off their comfortable asses long enough to vote) thought that they would be the best choice to do the job.  In no small part, we’re getting exactly what we deserve.

I think the thing that pushes me closer to the edge is this: despite the fact that I do my due diligence, I pay attention, and I get off my comfortable ass to contribute my voice, I very often feel like the choices with which I am presented come from Hobson himself.  I am sick unto death of squandering my precious vote, of wasting my precious voice, on the fucking lesser of two evils.  I think that George Carlin had it exactly right.  Maybe it’s not the politicians who suck; maybe there’s something else around here that sucks…the public.



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5 responses to “Thought for Thursday

  1. Check out what Lizz Winstead is doing for Planned Parenthood. I find her humorous grip on this ugliness inspiring.

  2. I think George Carlin has it right too. People who vote perpetuate the system and never change a thing. By voting, they authorize these corrupt and unethical people to act in their name. I want no part of that.

    When people use the pronoun “we” attached with the actions of the government, I make sure they understand that I’m not included in that “we”.

    “Can you believe it? We’ve attacked another country.”

    “No, ‘we’ didn’t. The US government attacked another country and if you voted for them, you can include yourself in ‘we’ but leave me out of it.”

  3. Right. So what do WE (we who do not wish to be implicated in all that) DO about it?

  4. Participate in the system no more than absolutely forced (less than that for those brave enough) and teach people the truth. The truth shall set us free. =)

  5. Laurie B

    Disagree,SW. The system we have sucks but by not voting we are pure victims. I vote because the people I vote for work for me. If you don’t let your elected folks know how you feel about a proposal, let them know what you expect to have them vote for and expect to have happen. If you aren’t that involved, well then, you, and we, are all screwed. They need yours’, mine, and everybody’s input to form an opinion. Call your Rep, call your Senator, pressure them every single day. They will say that “They are getting killed” on a point of law or a decision. That really means that five or so people that called to chat and share a point of view to help them form an opinion for the vote. I call and write all of the time and I can tell you that my rep weighs it all in on the vote. So, vote, be involved. Governance is passive if you let it be. Call, write and be a pain in the butt. That is your responsibility to be involved with how decisions get a vote or not. Change isn’t easy but it does take all of us to be involved. SIt and fume or make a call. Truth is, the gum’int will have their way unless we all take a stand and bitch a lot. Pogo spoke the truth, we have met the enemy…so make some calls and work for change. Change may not happen at all (like what’s the difference between parties?) But on a local level, your voice is huge.

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