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Ten Things Tuesday

I stumbled upon something bad a week or so ago.  I have no idea how I got there, but I found myself on a site called pinterest.com.  If I’m correct in my assessment of the concept, it’s a place where you set up a ‘pinboard’ of your favorite things; it’s sort of a holding tank for all the cool things you find on the internet.

Since my blog is my holding tank, I’m offering up ten things that I found on other people’s pinboards that I love.

1.I feel like this a lot lately.

2. I’d actually bet it’s more than 70%.

3.This is, apparently, too hard for most people to understand.

4.Of all the “keep calm” posters on this site, this one’s my favorite.

5.I’m finding this is more and more true.  I’m also recognizing that the road goes both ways.

6.When I explain the Oxford comma to my students, I use the “hot dogs and macaroni and cheese” example, but this one works, too.

7.I’m trying not to…


I’m taking this to school with me.  I have a lot of fish in the trees, I think…

9.  I love this.  I may print this out and post it over my desk.

10.This one made me giggle.


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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