Daily Archives: August 21, 2011

Six Years

Today is my six year blogiversary.

I had no idea, when I started this, that it would become as important a part of my life as it has.  I had no idea that it would bring me in touch with some really amazing people, that it would open up avenues of thought and consideration that I never would have been able to get to on my own, or that it would provide me with a network of true friends.  I had no idea that I would be posting every day for several years, and that this habit would never feel like a chore or a burden (so far!).  In short, I had no idea how much this little blog would change my life.

I am a much better person for this space, and for your engagement in it.  Thank you all, so much, for your time, for your willingness to share and challenge and question (and answer!), and for being a significant part of my community.  I am grateful, literally every day, that you’re out there.


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